Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I Love as Much As Books

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Things I Love as Much As Books


I didn't know it until now but this is the one thing that I need to make my life complete.
(Minus the little girl. I already have one of those)

According to the Neiman Marcus catalog, the life-size gingerbread house includes giant cookies, lollipops, gummies, mints, gumdrops, and a candy-encrusted roof along with a lollipop tree inside. (Did you see that? A lollipop tree!! )

And anyone can own this delectable house for the low price of $15,000


....well, it's probably not kosher anyways.


For 15K they could make a kosher gingerbread house. Each one had better be custom made for that. Hey, I'll make you a kosher gingerbread house - gluten free even for the bargain basement price of $10,000 (doesn't incl. S&H)!
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Wow, that is a lot to eat ;)

I'd take up Steph's offer. Kosher's the way to go.

*fantasizes about kosher, edible house*
*falls off chair from spacing out*

Steph: I am totally contacting you for my kosher gingerbread house when I have an extra $10,000. But it better have a lollipop tree!

Blodeuedd: I'm up to the challenge ;) Imagine how much fun it would be to curl up and read in that house with walls you can snack on...

StephanieD: I will, especially with if she's offering a $5,000 savings!

Riv Re: I'll let you come visit when I get mine :)

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