Monday, December 20, 2010

Sample Chapter of Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

While I've been pretty disappointed with Charlaine Harris's last two Sookie Stackhouse books I guess I still haven't given up on the series since I immediately rushed over to her site when I read that she had put up the first chapter of Dead Reckoning.

To read it for yourself follow this link

It starts off rather slow but gets a bit more interesting towards the end. I have my fingers crossed that this book will be an improvement over the last two, otherwise I'll probably be parting ways with Sookie Stackhouse.


i agree with the last book, ive seen a lot of bad reviews so i didnt buy a copy of it. I think Sookie is dead. I haven't read the first chapter but most likely i will stop reading Sookie. Now.


At least I liked the last one I read more then the rest, but I am pretty Sookied out, still will read on

iamjenai: I've actually been surprised by how many positive reviews I've seen of the last two books in the series considering how awful I thought they were. Though I do think Dead in the Family was a bit better than the one before it where characters kept wandering in and out of chapters for no apparent reason.

Blodeuedd: It's just disappointing how the series has fallen apart because I had enjoyed it so much in the beginning. But that happens to every series that drags on for too long, so its not too much of a surprise.

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