Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Magic at Target from Rants from Mommyland

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One of my new favorite blogs, Rants from Mommyland, has a really wonderful post up today about magical moments at Target, and which I highly recommend that you take a minute to read.

    I have a thing for Target. Besides the fact that they have bulk sizes of Sharpies and kid gloves and scarves for ONE DOLLAR - which is awesome because then I don't lose my ever lovin' mind when one of the IHPs lose one forty-five minutes after they put them on - it's also becoming increasingly clear that magical things happen in Target.

    Last week I was in Lansing, Michigan. [Editor's Note: Dear Michigan, Thank you for welcoming me to your state by stringing together the coldest. days. in. the. history. of. ever. I think I actually forgot how to breathe when I walked outside. My lungs are still thawing. - Kate] Well, I was in Lansing for about a half hour, but you had a Target and I was in a hurry and, apparently, incapable of traveling without forgetting something important which necessitates an unscheduled stop.

    I was in the office supply aisle -- which, coincidentally, led to the bulk Sharpie discovery -- and overheard this: "OK. Stop dancing around. What's on the next card?"

    And I was like, "Whoa. Is there a dance contest happening in Target? Because I'm so ready to tap-off."
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Oh, what a great, great story! I had those - why didn't I think of that moments and then I was just simply touched. Very heartwarming.

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