Saturday, December 25, 2010

An Author Name Pronounciation Guide

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In a recent blog post, Books on the Nightstand linked to this handy author name pronunciation guide published in McSweeney’s book review section. To my chagrin I discovered that I have been pronouncing Michael Chabon's name incorrectly (it's SHAY-bahn) as well as Ayn Rand's (it's INE). I think this chart is a fantastic idea and that all book publishers should come up with such lists so that readers don't end up butchering some of those hard-to pronounce author names (can you say Paolo Bacigalupi, anyone?)


I once mispronounced Chabon's name - to someone who knew him personally - and was corrected. If only I knew about this guide then!

I too have been putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable for Chabon. :(

Someone told me it's Ba-chi-ga-LOO-pee. maybe?

Stephanie & redhead : I've been pronouncing Chabon like Sha-bon, kind of in a French way. And I still think it sounds better that way ;)
I've heard Bacigalupi pronounced several times and I still can't remember how it's meant to be said

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