Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Israeli Spy Shop

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I had to go into Jerusalem today to run some errands and I stopped off at small shopping center to grab something to eat. It's been a while since I had been in this particular mall so I walked around a bit, checking out the stores, when I came across the coolest store ever.

From the outside it didn't look particularly interesting, just some security cameras for sale, until I took a closer look at the smaller items displayed in the window and then I had to go in. It was a spy shop!

Inside the store I found the most awesome assortment of gadgets, most of which were camouflaged recording devices, the kind I've only see on TV and in movies. There were cameras concealed as lighters, tissue boxes, packages of gum and even a tie.There was a pen that could both photograph and record and another pen with ink that disappears after twelve hours. There was a radio that could pick up conversations in a nearby room. My favorite items were an pair of sunglasses that included a camera and microphone and a watch that was also a camera and a recorder. The salesman even took these items out for me from the display case for a demonstration.

The salesman was actually surprisingly friendly and helpful (this is Israel after all) even though I made it clear that I was just browsing, though when I asked him about who exactly their customers are he couldn't give me an answer.I just can't imagine the average guy or gal needing a hidden camera in their tie or blue tooth. Browsing in that store, I so badly wished I had someone to spy on so that I could have reason to buy something from there. I would look so cool talking discretely and mysteriously into my watch.

I was a bit disappointed though that there weren't more items meant for women. There was a tie and a few different men's watches but no women's watches or cameras hidden in jewelry. Don't these people watch Chuck? Women can be spies too! A camera in a book would also be a fantastic item, though I'm glad there wasn't one there because I'm not sure I could have resisted something lie that.

Anyhow, I just thought this was a really cool store though for the life of me I have no idea what its doing in that little shopping mall. Perhaps it's really just a front for something else...

If you are ever in Talpiot, Jerusalem, you should definitely stop by and check out this store, Insec. And let me know if you buy anything so I can come over and play with it. Now I just have to justify getting myself one of those watches, because I really really want one.


That is freakin' awesome! I want a store like that! I'm pretty sure that is every kid's dream store after he's watched James Bond or something similar. Heck, it's my dream store!


I wanna got to the spy shop! I don't know why since I don't spy on anyone, but still this is cool!

I want to go to there. How cool, how cool, a spy shop! I have never been in a spy shop before, I didn't even know they had spy shops! I thought people who wanted spy equipment had to get it secretly through secret channels that only spies know about.

BStearns: Yeah, owning a spy shop would be pretty cool. You'd certainly get to meet a lot of interesting people.

StephanieD: If you ever come to Israel I will totally take you there :)

Jenny: I also didn't know such stores existed. Perhaps there is a growing demand for spying equipment in Israel.. I don't know. I just wish I could find someone I need to spy one so that I could buy something there.

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