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Favorite Fictional Character

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Favorite Fictional Character
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It's been a while since I last did a FFC post but I really want to get started again since I very much enjoy them. So this week I've chosen a very special fictional character who has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. A character who is practically perfect in every way...

Mary Poppins!!

I don't think I need to explain who Mary Poppins is since I can't imagine there is anyone who is not familiar with her, though I do want to clarify that I'm referring to the Disney version of Mary Poppins (played by the wonderful Julie Andrews). While I've never read the books on which the movie is based, I've heard that the original Mary Poppins is not quite as pleasant as the movie one, so she is the one that I'm going with (which I will openly state, despite being given a hard time when I made a similar comment regarding Peter Pan)

Mary Poppins is amazing for so many different reasons, from her ability to clean a room with the snap of a finger to the way she can fly with only a simple black umbrella. Spending time with Mary Poppins, one can always expect an exciting adventure and I would have loved to have had a babysitter like her (I didn't get a nanny). Plus she always managed to look calm and collected, no matter what disaster was taking place, and you knew Mary Poppins would take care of everything. And boy, could she dance and sing! Despite her great dignity, she is still willing to join in with the chimney sweeps and dancing on roof tops. (Though as a parent, I'm not so sure if this is such great nanny behavior)

My children were actually just watching Mary Poppins for the first time and they were laughing hysterically while watching that scene where the children are trying to clean their room by snapping their fingers and the boy gets stuck in the closet which keeps closing on him. And even though I must have seen this movie hundreds of times, I couldn't help laughing myself.


Ohmygod, I LOVE Mary Poppins! What a fabulous favorite character pick! And what a great video clip pick as well. I love it when she's like "cheeky."
I think I could watch this movie a million times and never get tired of it!

i LOVE mary poppins!! the movie was the best and i watched it a bajillion times when i was a kid. spoon full of sugar is my favorite song from the movie too (next to supercalafrajalistic--i butchered the spelling i know lol). mary poppins brings back the memories. thanks simcha! :)

Brizmus: Me too! Watching Mary Poppins always makes me feel good and I loved seeing my children's reaction when they watched it for the first time.

Chelleyreads: I was actually torn about which clip to include because I also like the superclafragalistic (?)song as well as the I Love to Laugh song, which always makes me laugh. And I love the Chimchiminey song, though it makes me a little sad because I know Mary Poppins will soon be leaving...If I could have, I would probably have just posted the whole movie :)

I'm looking forward to having my kids discover this movie. So far they haven't been interested, but I'm thinking I might netflix it for a slow summer afternoon. :) I think they'd really like it if they give it a chance.

HA!! Great pick! She is definitely a nanny I would love to have when I was younger. :) I love the song. But, I think my favorite is when they are dancing on the rooftops and singing. And even on the merry go rounds. Alright, I just love the whole movie and this has reminded me how much I enjoy it. Thank you!

Alyce: I can imagine that kids these days might have less patience for musicals and so might have a harder them enjoying Mary Poppins. Though my kids really loved it, which made me really happy.

Melissa: I chose the Spoon full of Sugar song because that was the one I mentioned in my post, but I think my favorite is I Love to Laugh because that scene just makes me laugh each time, with all of the bobbing around the ceiling and laughing hysterically. Though I also love ChimChiminey and the song with the penguins. The whole movie just makes me feel good and now I really want to watch it again...

I loved Mary Poppins but I read the books first and I have to say they have more depth. The book Mary Poppins isn't so much less nice, although she is, but she has a darker side that makes the adventures feel slightly scarier.

This is a beautiful blog! I found my way here from Twitter.

Fairyhedgehog: I've actually been considering giving the books a try, I'm just worried that they will taint my current affection for the Mary Poppins I currently know. Maybe I'll start reading them with my 9 year old, though I'll have to check what age they are appropriate for.
Thanks for stopping by!

One of the frinking coolest characters ever created. Mary Poppins was who I wanted taking care of me as a kid. Great choice!

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