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Favorite Fictional Character: Robin Hood

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Favorite Fictional Character
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A few weeks ago I had mentioned my inexplicable fondness for book
characters that are thieves. From Scott Lynch's Locke Lamora to Matthew Dick's Martin, the OCD burgler, thieves are often particularly interesting characters. And when the thieves are also handsome, witty and charming, that makes them even more appealing. And no one is more handsome, charming and witty then the archetype of thieves...Robin Hood

I loved Robin Hood as a humorous singing bandit (Robin Hood: Men in Tights), a brave and handsome fox (Disney), or the humanly imperfect outlaw that couldn't even shoot a bow (Outlaws of Sherwood). Since the legend of Robin Hood dates back to the 14th century, I'm sure there must be some less flattering portrayals of him as well, but I always think of Robin Hood as a romantic figure who bravely and heroically tweaks the noses of the corrupt while pursuing justice for the oppressed.



Robin Hood is one of my favourites, too! =D

The Disney adaptation is still one of my all-time favourites! I just wish I could erase the memory of that Kevin Costner movie . . . ;-)

The music was good in "Prince of Thieves," and I love Alan Rickman... but that's about all that can be said for that particular version, I think.

I have a similar fondness for Sherlock Holmes, including Basil of Baker Street from "The Great Mouse Detective." :)

I vaguely recall Prince of Thieves being shown at a sleepover party, when I was in 6th grade, but I think I might have slept through it. The one thing I actually remember from the movie is the song "All for Love." That was a great song.

Lindsay: I've never read any Sherlock Holmes but I recently became interested in trying one out after Books on The Nightstand discussed Sherlock Holmes books on their podcast. Everything they recommend sounds good.

Enbrethiliel: I also love the Disney Robin Hood. I need to get a copy of it for my kids.

I remember men in tights. It was fun to watch. Every time I think of Robin Hood, I think of the Bryan Adams song. I always enjoyed the Robin Hood stories. Great pick this week!

I love Men in Tights, I like to watch it at least once a year. Though while putting together this post I noticed that there are some great robin hood themed books that I've missed out on, so I think I need to get a hold of those and do some serious catching up on my Robin Hood reading.

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