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Favorite Fictional Character: Henry Fitzroy

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Favorite Fictional Character
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I never had any interest in vampires, or any of the various vampire related books, shows or movies, until I came across Blood Ties, a couple of years ago, which features vampire Henry Fitzroy- and I was hooked.

Henry, played by Kyle Schmidt, is the bastard son of Henry VIII, and in the present day works as a graphic novel artist in Toronto. He teams up with Private Eye, Vicki Nelson in chasing down practitioners of the dark arts and other evil creatures of the night.And, of course, some romance does develop between them (lucky Vicki) though it didn't come to refutation before the show got canceled (which I was devastated about[both the cancellation and the unfulfilled romance]).

Henry is intelligent and funny, dangerous but sensitive...and really hot. He is my favorite of any of the vampires that I have encountered since. In Tanya Huff's Blood series, which Blood Ties is based on, Henry is actually an author of romance novels, though I prefer the TV version of him. Since Blood Ties, I have watched some other vampire shows, such as True Blood and Being human, and read some books with vampires, but none of them has a character that I liked quite as much as Henry Fitzroy.


I agree that Henry is a wonderful character, for some reason, as much as I loved the show, I prefer the book version of him better. He just seems sexier to me in the books, I think because of the bisexuality

I have missed this show. I have not heard of it till now. Hhmm. I am going to have to go take a look at it. Sounds like a great character!

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