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It's Tuesdays...Where are you?

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It's Tuesday...Where are You?
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I arrived a few days ago in the barren planet, Arrakis, where water is so scarce and precious that the natives wear special suits that recycle all of the body's moisture. There are also monstrous, man eating worms here, though we haven't actually gotten a good look at one yet (which is probably a good thing). I had come along with Duke Leto and his family, who by the command of the Emperor, will be taking over the rulership of the planet, displacing the, Harkonnen, their bitter enemies.

But Duke Leto knows that the Harkonnens have not really relinquished their hold on Arrakis, and that they have a plan to try to destroy him. He suspects that the plan involves sowing seeds of distrust within his household by making him think that his beloved concubine, and mother of his son, is a traitor. To root out the true traitor, the Duke plans to pretend to fall for the ruse, but poor Jessica doesn't understand why the Duke is suddenly treating her so coldly.

And the people of Arrakis suddenly have reason to hope that Paul, Leto and Jessica's son, is the legendary figure from prophecy whom they have been waiting for, for so many years.

I am reading....Dune by Frank Herbert


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I loved Dune. I seriously couldn't help but think (and I still do sometimes) of conserving water in any way possible. Such a realistic world.

That's a book I've heard great things about. I had a student recommend it to me a few years ago. I'll get there someday...

This sounds like a really good book! I am curious to see what you have to say in your review. Sounds like a great world!

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