Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Send over your good wishes and prayers

Posted by Simcha 4:00 PM, under | 5 comments

The young daughter of a blogger friend my mine, Ramona from Alone in the Holy Land, was hospitalized last week and diagnosed with the Rota virus, as well as some other problems. Ramona is having a very difficult time right now, and I know that she would really appreciate it if any of you could take a few minutes to stop by her blog to offer up some good wishes and prayers.


Oh, Simcha, you are something!
Thank you so much! I really do need your prayers and thoughts!
God bles!

I am praying for her and hope she gets better soon.

Thanks Ryan. I'm sure Ramona appreciates it.

Thanks Ryan. I'm sure Ramona appreciates it.

Surely it's not too late to send my well wishes? I hope things are getting better for her!

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