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Favorite Fictional Character: The Fonz

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Favorite Fictional Character
Hosted by Ryan at Wordsmithonia

Inspired by Ryan's nostalgic memories of his favorite childhood cartoons, I decided to focus on another one of my favorite TV characters, Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, or "The Fonz."

I don't remember when I first discovered Happy Days, but once I did it became one of my favorite TV shows, which is largely due to the star of the show Fonzie, a high school drop-out and former gang member, who eventually mends his ways, after befriending Richie Cunningham and his family.

The Fonze was the ultimate in cool; commanding the bathroom of the local hangout as his office and getting any song on the jukebox playing, just by hitting it with his fist. Interestingly enough, Fonzie was only supposed to appear in a few episodes of Happy Days, but his character was so popular that he was made a regular on the show and eventually received top billing.

I actually almost got to meet Henry Winkler once, when I was a teenager, and he was speaking at a Jewish fund raising event that my mother was attending. But I got sick the night before, and my sister went instead. She even got a kiss from Winkler, and all I got was an autographed napkin ( with my name misspelled). Sigh. Sometimes life just isn't fair.


I haven't thought of this show in some time. I loved watching Happy Days. And Fonzie was one of the favs on the show. Although all the characters were great. They all had a great chemistry together.

Great pick this week!

Frickin fantastic choice this week. Loved that show and the character.

Fun post. The Fonze was so cool! Sorry you didn't get to meet him. He was at the SCBWI conference in LA last august, signing the book he wrote with Lin Oliver ( Have you read these books? I haven't. Yet.

the fonz! i used to love watching the happy days on nick at nite when i was younger. happy days and wonder years were my faves!

Melissa: That was such a feel-good show. I always thought it was interesting how Fonzie was supposed to be just a visiting character but ended up as one of the stars of the show.

Thanks Ryan. Your cartoon kick has me dredging up all kinds of fun TV memories

Amy, I had no idea that Henry Winkler is now writing children's books. I wonder if they are any good. I'll have to check them out.

Chelley: I forgot about Wonder Years. That used to be a favorite of mine as well!

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