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Second-Hand Bookstores in Israel

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Sefer VeSefel

Address: 2 Yabetz St., Jerusalem.
Located in the City Center in an alley off of Yaffo St, on one side and Ben Hillel St. on the other side.
Phone: 02-624-8237
Description: Sefer V'Sefel is the best known second-hand English bookstore in Jerusalem. They carry only books in English, most of which are second hand but there are some new books as well. They have a nice selection of books in most categories. The SFF section appears to be one of the more neglected sections in the store, with mostly older books, but these books are also some of the more expensive in the store.

Dani Books

Address: 57 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem
Off of Yaffo St., one block before King George intersection. The Hebrew section of Danny's Books is located on Yaffo and one door down, into the open square is the rest of second-hand store.
Phone: 02-623-1203
Description: Dani Books carries second-hand books in English, Hebrew and French. Their biggest section is probably romance novels. While their used SFF section is pretty paltry they have been adding a lot of new SFF books and have a pretty impressive selection, compared to any other stores that I have seen. It is also worthwhile to peruse their discounted section as I have found some pretty good books there for only 10 NIS.


Address: This store has two locations, one is on the side of Binyan Clal across from the Mahane Yehuda Shuk. The other is on the lower level of Binyan Clal right at the southern entrance on Rechov Yaffo. It's above the Bank Hapoalim on King George St.
Description: Both stores are entirely of second-hand books but the one by King George St. has a larger selection of English books. They only have two shelves of SFF books but they have plenty of novels, particularly mysteries.

Stein Books

Address: 52 King George St, Jerusalem
Phone: 02-624-7877
Description: According to Frommer's, this store is is well-known for Jewish studies and rare books.

The Book Gallery

Address: 6 Schatz St. (26 King George St.)
Located in a pedestrian square off of King George St.
Phone: 02-623-1087
Description: The Book Gallery offers a large selection of books in a variety of languages, and provides a cozy setting in which to browse. While the entrance to the store is small and crowded, the downstairs opens up to to a large room lined with bookshelves and containing a few overstuffed couches. A couple of other rooms branch off to the sides, each of which are overflowing with books. The SFF section here is small but still contains some good find, reasonably priced. There is a rack of older, classic SciFi, in which most books are around 15 NIS.

Old City Bookstore

( I don't know the real name)
Address: HaYeHudim St. Right by the parking lot, across from the small food market.
Description: This little-known bookstore is one of my favorite finds. Although relatively small, every time I stop by I find at least a few great books. And the prices here are cheaper then any other bookstore I have been to in Israel.

Book Mark

Address: Bak’a | 1 Esther Hamalka St., corner 33 Bethlehem Rd; between Derech Hevron and Derekh Bet Lehem;
Phone: 02-673-1934
Description New and used books in English, Hebrew, French, German and Spanish.
Website: www.jlmbookmark.co.il

Tel Aviv

Betta Books

Address:131 Eben Gvirol street
Phone: 03-5462990
Description: This store has been around for 23 years and has a wide variety of new and used books in English.


Address: 87 Allenby St.
Phone: 03-629-9710

Books at Basel

Address:32 Basel Street
Description: Book shop with sophisticated and intellectual atmosphere. Mostly books in Hebrew but alsosome classics and quality books in English. Specializing in Psychology Philosophy and Design.

Book Junky

Address: 167 Dizengoff Street
Phone: 03-527-2050
Description: A used books shopwith mostly Hebrew & English books but also German,French, Hungarian, Polish and Russian.

Halper's Books

Address: 87 Allenby St.
Phone: (03) 629-9710
Description: A second-hand bookshop with a large selection and an emphasis on fiction.

Kidmat Eden

Address: 91 Dizengoff Street (near Dizengoff Square)
Phone: 03-527-9275
Description: This store sell used books and cds and specialized in Science Fiction and Fantasy books.


Address: 116 Ben Yehuda street
Phone: 03-527-1395
Description:One of the first bookshops in Tel-Aviv, here you will find new and used books in English and Hebrew.


The Reader's Corner

Address: 30 Shmuel Ha-Natziv, 42123
Phone: 09-8345767
Description: Used and new books in English with a good selection of SFF books.
Hours: Open Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu 8:30AM-1PM, 4PM-7PM; Tue 8:30AM-1PM, Fri 8:30AM-2PM.



Address: 2 Chankin St.
Phone: 077-560-0434
Description: A second hand bookstore with a wide selection of books in English, as well as many other languages. They also carry games and gaming accessories.


We are antiquarian and secondhand) booksellers working two rooms full of shelved books private premises therefore appointment necessary ex-London booksellers of many years standing... all subjects especially books and other good material (antique prints) of Jewish interest,Jew.history,travel to Palestine, J.philosophy, Zionism etc etc.
at first glance can offer you the foll.1)
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