Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy was founded in May 1996 in order to promote and augment the fields of Science Fiction and Fantasy in Israel, and has been continuously active ever since.

The Society's activities includes arranging science fiction and fantasy conventions, lectures, and premiere screenings of SF&F films. They also sponsor various story writing contests and writing workshops as well as present the annual Geffen Award to Israel's top speculative fiction writers.

The society also publishes a SF&F magazine called "The Tenth Dimension" and an online magazine; both are in Hebrew.
The society is a non-profit organization, and all its activities, as well as management, are performed by volunteers only.
There are currently about 500 members in the Society.

The Society's Goals

1. Promote and encourage SF&F in Israel.
2. Facilitate original SF&F writing, as well as other forms of original SF&F art.
3. Encourage an increase of SF&F translations into Hebrew.
4. Provide an overall framework for existing SF&F organizations, and help in the establishment of new ones.
5. Organize activities, on regular or occasional basis, in various places in Israel, including conferences, workshops, lectures, film screening, open discussions and more.
6. Maintain contacts with similar organizations abroad.
7. Publish and support the publication of SF&F as well as popular science magazines.
8. Promote the teaching of SF&F in schools, both as literature and as educational aid for science curricula.
9. Cooperate with any agency, including mass media, interested in SF&F, and maintain contacts with agencies at the forefront of scientific research in Israel.
10. Invite foreign SF&F writers to visit Israel.

Website and Contact Information

Visit the English section of the Society's website here

Visit the Hebrew site, which is far more detailed and includes the online magazine, here.
The Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy can be emailed at this address isfsfaf@gmail.com


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