Monday, May 14, 2012

Some Cool News and Updates

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So before I start making excuses as to where I've been for the past couple of months, I have some cool news to share with you.

I just found out, thanks to Aleksandra, that The Impossible Cube, by Steven Harper, includes an excerpt from my review of The Doomsday Vault, inside the book.

See for yourself! (luckily I was able to snap a shot of the page on Amazon, just in case you had your doubts)

Yes, my review is actually inside of a real, live book by a major publisher! This means that I am now a published reviewer, and the pressure to write a book of my own is off. It's all very exciting and if I had a job I would totally buy each of you a copy of the book, personally autographed by me. (OK, I'm lying. That would only happen if I won the lottery. Maybe)

And that leads us to the reason that I haven't been around lately. Unfortunately my job search has taken longer than expected and I just haven't been in the right head-space to write book reviews or blog posts. I also wanted to avoid having my frustrations leak into my posts because that wouldn't be much fun to read about. After a while I also became kind of intimidated by the idea of sitting down to write a book review, because I was so out of practice. Now that I haven't done it for a while it seems so hard. The voices in my head that usually chime in with comments while I'm reading have even started to fade away. But I think it's time to get back in the game because I've really missed blogging and chatting with you guys. Plus I have so many books to tell you about.

While I probably won't be posting as regularly as I had been before I am going to do my best to start reviewing again. I'm going to begin with a few mini-reviews so I can catch up with all of the books that  I've read over the past few months before I forget about them.

And finally (yes, this lengthy monologue is coming to an end) I'd like to thank those of you who stopped by to check up on me when I hadn't posted for a while. It was nice to know that I wasn't forgotten.

Now, all of you go out there and show your support by buying a copy of The Impossible Cube! Or at least the first page.


It's so nice seeing you again :D

And wow! That is my dream, I really want to be quoted one day

Congrats again, Simcha!!!

I'm really happy for you, especially because I found about The Doomsday Vault because of you & your review, and the 2nd quoted sentence was the one that convinced me to get it right away, although the whole review was quite convincing & it really is one of the most entertaining books, just like you said :) And it's one of my fav reads this year!

Good luck on your job search.

I'm looking forward to the reviews & thanks for the shout out.

Congrats!! best feeling in the world is to pull a book off the shelf at a bookstore, open it, and see YOUR BYLINE!

I'm happy to see you back online again, don't feel pressured to write a formal book review if you don't feel like it, just a few sentences is fine. did you like the book? where the characters cool? did the whole thing suck donkey balls? answer those, and that's all you need to get back into the swing of things. :D

I'm so happy for you and your review. That's so frickin cool.

It's nice to have you back and I'll be looking forward to the posting, which I'm sure will always be good, that you do have time to do.

Nice to have you back :-)

Thanks guys! You're make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Blodeuedd: I don't think I've ever admitted it but this has also been one my dreams since becoming a reviewer. It just feels really nice to be recognized in this way, even though they probably just need me to help fill up the page.

Aleksandra: I'm so glad to you told me because I don't know if I would have ever found out otherwise. Even if I buy the book, I usually don't even read those first few pages in the beginning.

Redhead: Unfortunately the book hasn't arrived in Israel yet (I checked!) but when it does I'll be pulling my friends into the bookstore to show them "my" book.

Ryan: Thanks so much! And I had bet I have a lot of reading to catch up on, on your blog. I can't to see what great books you might have to recommend.

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