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Interview with Blodeuedd from Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

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Whenever I'm in the mood for a good romance I know I can turn to Blodeuedd (as she is known online) for a trustworthy recommendation, though she also reviews books in several other genres. Her enthusiastic reviews have helped me make many fun, new book discoveries and a shared enjoyment of fantasy have made for some interesting conversations in blog comments and Twitter. What particularly impresses me about Blodeuedd is that English is not even her native language, despite that fact that she reviews exclusively in English. I was glad to  finally have the opportunity to ask her about this, as well as many of the other questions that have been building up since I first met her.

If you wrote a book what would the blurb on the inside back cover (right beside your picture) say about you?

Blah blah is an avid reader who has had a life-long wish to write a book. This is her first book in the fantasy trilogy “insert title her”. In her spare time she spends too much time online, trying to find new swamps in the forest and wondering how to re-arrange her bookshelves.

How long have you been blogging for?

I started a blog back in 2005 where I wrote about life in general. Then in December 2008 I started my bookblog.

How did you come to start a book blog?

Truth be told I was bored out of my mind 'cos I was at this course and I just surfed the web all day long. I came across bookblogs for the first time ever and thought that that sounded like so much fun. I love to read so why not write about books I thought to myself. I started a blog and had a few posts a month. Then I got more and more into it and met new friends. The posts became more and more, and I read better books. I never looked back.

Have you always been an avid reader?

Yes I have been a booklover since I was little. From comics and picture books to real books when I learned to read. Once I took home 30 books from the bookmobile. I still do not know how I managed to carry them home. I have always been obsessed. In elementary school we had these small quotes about the kids in the class (the last two only). Both years I got something with books. One was that you will always know who I am since I am the one carrying a book ;)

Was there a particular book that turned you on to reading?

No, not really. Books were always there and I always loved them.

Has being a book reviewer changed the way that you approach reading?

No again. I know some write notes while they read and think about things, but I just read like I always have. I hate to analyze. If I enjoy a book I enjoy a book, I do not need hidden meanings and such. And I could never stop to write while I read. That would spoil the fun for me and reading is about having fun.

Do you mostly read books in English or Finnish?

Oh yes this is the question where I explain that I am not a Finnish speaking Finn, I speak the other official language, Swedish. But I do not read in Swedish either any more, perhaps only 1 or 2 books a year if there is a book I really want but can’t get hold of it in English (or get it fast enough). I prefer English because I have read so many bad translations and they have made many good books boring.

How is it that you read so comfortably in English?

I do not know how to answer that. I guess I am just used to it. It started with a fantasy book; I fell in love and knew that English was the way to go. Now it’s so normal that I do not even know which language I am reading in anymore.

Are books in English easily available in Finland?

Yes and no. Our bookstore has not got many books, and those they have are mostly fiction. So 1 fantasy book, 1 PNR, no historical romance and not much variety except big books. In bigger cities they of course have more but many times when I have looked for something I have still come up short. It is much easier in the end to just order online.

Due to the enormous popularity of Steig Larsson’s Millenium series, Finnish authors have been receiving more attention lately from readers around the world. Is there a particular Finnish author that you would like to see translated into English?

And this is the moment where I blush and admit I have not read many Finnish authors and the adult books are often in a genre I do not like, and they tend to have a dark humor too. But I do think people would enjoy Arto Paasilinna’s books. And definitely Kaari Utrio, she has written great historical fiction books that I have enjoyed.

It just happened that when I was little I read translated books and books by Swedish authors. Then when I could have started to read Finnish books cos I had learnt the language I instead moved on to English books and have not read many books by Swedish or Finnish authors since that. Except for a few for a Lit class.

Book bloggers often find that reviewing books encourages them to read books outside of their regular reading comfort zone. Is there a particular book that you would never have otherwise tried if you weren’t a book reviewer, but you ended up loving?

I always read many genres since I could not pick and choose, I read what I found. But thanks to reviewing I found Urban Fantasy and paranormal romance, oh and steampunk. I would not have found much in those genres if not for my bookblog. But I can’t say there is any book of those that I would never have tried otherwise since they were genres close to other genres I was reading. I am always willing to try new books.

Are there any particular topics or causes that you have discovered a passion for since becoming a book blogger which you might have never thought much about before?

I would love to be active and write wonderful posts, but alas no. I never seem to take a stand, I might rage but I guess I do not feel comfortable enough to say anything on my blog.

What’s the last book that you read that blew you away?

Blew me away…I have many great books that are etched into my soul, but truly blew me away must have been Room by Emma Donaghue

If you met someone who was only going to read one book this year which book would you recommend to them?

I think I will go with Delirium by Lauren Oliver because I love how dystopia makes me think and therefore I would recommend it.

What’s the most interesting thing has every happened to you?

Nothing, trust me nada. That I get books from publishers, yes that would be the most interesting thing (at least to me). I have lived a very quiet life.

Favorite snack while reading? Chocolate! But I have to be careful

Favorite word? Awesome

Favorite quote?

Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you."
— Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n (The Shadow of the Wind)

If your life were a book what would the title be?

The Life of Daydreaming Booklover

If you could spend the day with any book character who would you choose and why?

Rand al’Thor from The Wheel of Time series. I have a bookcrush on him even though he was pretty much going insane for several books. But I would like to see how he deals with his new situation as savior of the world or the one who dooms it.

Thanks you so much Blodeuedd!

And make sure to visit tomorrow for my interview with Melissa from My Words and Pages.


Great intervfiew. I've seen her around a lot and I think we are even friends on facebook and twitter but I don't stop by her blog very often, for that I apologize. I will definetly be fixing that oversight soon.

Rand al'Thor is a fantastic character and I can understand where the crush comes from.

I do think we are Ryan, funny how that is. I really must come by your blog too :)

Oh me and my crushes, I even got one on Lews when he is a bit sane in Rand's head, lol

Thanks for the interview Simcha. It was fun :D

Blodeuedd is one of my favorite bloggers and one who I think of as a friend. I really loved getting to know more about her, particularly how English isn't her first language but is the one she reads most often. How interesting!

I love how I am able to get to know more about my favorite bloggers thanks to these interviews! Like Blodeuedd, English is not my native language but I prefer reading books in English. Room blew me away too!

Great interview!! :)) It's interesting to know you mostly read in english b/c of translation problems.

Wow - how did you manage to bring 30 books back home at once??!! I'm impressed once again at your dedictation and resolve!

Great interview - I love how reading isn't limited by country now but we can share world wide! :)

Great interview! I love her and her blog!

Thank you for those fine words Anna :D I think of you as a friend too and you help feed my JA addiction, lol.

Reading in English is the best, and of course my only option some times too since all books sure do not get translated.

Some are just so bad! Mostly fantasy for some sad reason

Hihi, I have no idea! Awww back in the days when I was crazy, lol.

Thanks :D

Oh wow! I love that quote.

Super interview. I love learning more about Blodeuedd! She is awesome <--- my fav word too!

And wow, I didn't know she has been blogging since 2005! No wonder she is so good at it!

I read books for enjoyment too. I never think to over analyze, unless I am reading something for class and have to. LOL!

Thanks for sharing.

I love Blodeuedd! She is one of the best people out there!

I love the pic... we finally get a glimpse at you. :)

Oh and yes, it is too cool to love books in another language than the one you speak! I'm jelly! :) Oh and don't forget she also writes stories in english too!

Melissa came here and told everything I wanted to say... ok, let me repeat some of that - Blodeuedd is a fantastic blogger with very unique voice and I love her pic - a very nice smile! She has a great sense of humour and her fluffy reviews never cease to make me laugh!

Awwwwwwwww you guys! *hugs all three* You are the sweetest blogging buddies a girl could have.

I know it just says so much :D it is just awesome (best word ever)
Lol, if you call those days blogging. I did a lot of quizzes and complained about uni.

Oh yes I did enough analysing for uni so those days are past

No you are :D
Yes only a glimpse, I am very mysterious.

A lady should be accomplished, though I do not draw or play the piano. And there I go with weird pride and Prejudice moments ;)

Thank you :D I was just happy to have found a cool walkway across to an island. So big smile on my face.
Awwww I am so glad you like my fluffy reviews. They would not be as fluffy without you to spook. Lol

No, wonder I like you! I love that Zafon quote (he has so many good ones!) and Room – yes, etched into my soul as well. I did not know that Swedish is the other official language; I have much to learn. I’m now curious about Arto Paasilinna and Kaari Utrio; maybe they’re available in English?

I’m happy to know more about you, Blodeuedd and to see a face behind the blog!

I remember reading Zafon and savouring every word. He has the bes quotes ever. What a master storyteller.

Aye not many know that fact. Truth be told not many Finns realize why either.

Paasilinna, well at least in German I think, English, perhaps. Utrio could be trickier and she is a sure fav. She writes about Finland in the Middle Ages

Loved this interview!! You're a very interesting person!! Rand is what kept me interested in The Wheel of Time. I think I would have to go back and read them from the beginning because it has been so long since I read book 7!

Blodeuedd - Oh great interview! :) And I got to learn a little more about a friend fellow blogger. :) Thanks! And well, I don't have anything interesting that happens to me either. lol.

Great post!

Rand is the best :D I do hope he makes it through the coming war or else I am gonna be really sad

Being a blogger is truly the most interesting thing that has happened, lol,

I was wondering about all these things about you Blodeuedd.

And what a cutie too!

Thanks Simcha!

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