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Interview with Melissa of My Words and Pages

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Melissa is also one of the nicest and friendliest bloggers that I know and I always enjoying chatting with her, either on her blog or on Twitter, about books and just life in general. Melissa is one of the first bloggers that I got to know and it's from her example that I learned about developing relationships with other bloggers because everywhere I visited there was Melissa, with her kind and friendly comments. I was glad to be able to get to know Melissa a little bit better through this interview and I really appreciate knowing her these past two years.

If you wrote a book what would the blurb on the inside back cover‭ (‬right beside your picture‭) ‬say about you‭?

I live in‭ ‬my own little world of reality,‭ ‬which‭ ‬has been‭ ‬founded to be a fantasy,‭ ‬in South-western Pennsylvania.‭ ‬I enjoy sharing the worlds I create with you and hope you enjoy them as well.‭ ‬I live with my husband,‭ ‬son,‭ ‬two loving German Shepherds,‭ ‬and a cat that rules over the dogs.‭ ‬I work during the day in the real world of accounting and paper pushing,‭ ‬but in the evenings I live in the fantasy realms created by others and myself.

How long have you been blogging for‭?

I‭’‬m actually coming up on my‭ ‬2‭ ‬year blog anniversary as well.‭ ‬But I‭’‬ll say‭ ‬2‭ ‬years.‭ ;)

How did you come to start a book blog‭?

Oh,‭ ‬I have this to blame all on the forum chats at Barnes and Nobles.‭ ‬I made some great book friends there.‭ ‬Some started out to the blogging community.‭ ‬I just set up an account so I could comment on their blogs,‭ ‬then before I knew it I was creating and posting at My World.

Have you always been an avid reader‭?

Oh heavens no.‭ ‬lol.‭ ‬As a kid you couldn‭’‬t get me to read if you paid me.‭ ‬But I did enjoy those little pick your path books as they were more action based and science fiction or fantasy things.‭ ‬That should have been my first clue.‭ ‬And I loved to be outside more for most of my life.‭ ‬But when I got laid off from a full time‭ ‬job that had filled my days and nights I was bored.‭ ‬I picked up a book of my sons and that was the end of it.

Was there a particular book that turned you on to reading‭?

Believe it or not,‭ ‬yes.‭ ‬I‭’‬m sure some people might say no or not remember the book.‭ ‬But I do.‭ ‬I was bored at home after working‭ ‬12‭ ‬hours a day and picked up one of the books I bought for my son,‭ ‬Eragon by Christopher Paolini.‭ ‬I loved it and found my love for fantasy books.

Has being a book reviewer changed the way that you approach reading‭?

Not really,‭ ‬but has fine tuned my sticky not obsession.‭ ‬Lol.

Book bloggers often find that reviewing books encourages them to read books outside of their regular reading comfort zone.‭ ‬Is there a particular book that you would never have otherwise tried if you weren‭’‬t a book reviewer,‭ ‬but you ended up loving‭?

I will say blogging has introduced‭ ‬me to the expanded the world of fantasy for me to steampunk and more science fiction then I could ever have imagined.‭ ‬And even further to‭ ‬dystopian.‭ ‬And I‭’‬ve found I really enjoy them.‭ ‬But the one book I read that I probably would never have read if it wasn‭’‬t for a fellow blogger at the time was‭ ‬The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.‭ ‬I had this image of a book where young kids had to kill each other for the audience of others to enjoy,‭ ‬and I wanted nothing to do with it.‭ ‬When I got talked into reading I was convinced before I started I was not going to like this book.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬that was such a WRONG impression and I loved the book.‭ ‬I‭’‬ve even suggested it to others and their children have read it.‭ ‬Even my son has recently started the series too.‭ ‬The book wasn‭’‬t all about killing and seeing that.‭ ‬And I enjoyed that about the book as you never really‭ ‬“saw‭”‬ the killing part.‭ ‬It was about survival.

Are there any particular topics or causes that you have discovered a passion for since becoming a book blogger which you might have never thought much about before‭?

I have not really taken up a cause,‭ ‬well yet.‭ ‬I do feel strongly about bad reviews though.‭ ‬I feel we can do them with good taste and don‭’‬t need to bash a book all over the place.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬I have to say the bloggers I follow all have great taste in their reviews and I‭’‬m proud to say I follow them.‭ ‬I look at these authors and think they are doing something we haven‭’‬t done,‭ ‬and putting their dreams in your hands.‭ ‬Just because a book isn‭’‬t for you doesn‭’‬t mean someone else‭ ‬won‭’‬t love it.‭ ‬So be kind.

What‭’‬s the last book that you read that blew you‭ ‬away‭?

Oh this is another hard one‭! ‬Lol.‭ ‬I‭’‬ve read a few books that blew me away for different reasons.‭ ‬Thief was the last,‭ ‬but there was‭ ‬Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron and‭ ‬Chasing the Bard by Philippa Ballantine.

Theirs‭ ‬Thief by Sarah-Jane Lehoux.‭ ‬The ending was one I loved.‭ ‬She really made a choice here that I want many books to do.‭ ‬And she brought a few tears to my eyes.‭ ‬I‭’‬m not‭ ‬a book crier‭! ‬I couldn‭’‬t believe it.‭ ‬The ending and my reaction to it just blew me away.

If you met someone who was only going to read one book this year which book would you recommend to them‭?

Hmm,‭ ‬it kind of depends on what they read as‭ ‬my fantasy‭ (‬general term‭) ‬is pretty broad.‭

Urban Fantasy w/action‭ ~ ‬Ann Aguirre‭’‬s Corine Solomon series,‭ ‬starting with Blue Diablo
Young Adult Fantasy‭ ~ ‬Cassandra Clare‭’‬s The Mortal Instruments series,‭ ‬starting with City of Bones
Fantasy‭ ~ ‬Brandon Sanderson‭’‬s Mistborn trilogy

What‭’‬s the most interesting thing has‭ ‬ever happened to you‭?

Well,‭ ‬I think I lead a pretty boring life these days.‭ ‬I‭’‬m a mom and I work.‭ ‬So doesn‭’‬t leave much time for interesting to happen.‭ ‬Some people I talk to talk about how I always have a story,‭ ‬and do you believe I‭’‬m without a story to spin here.‭ ‬ Lol.‭ ‬Um‭…‬ One I talk about with my brother was how fortunate I was when I fell out of a tree when I was in third grade,‭ ‬making me about‭…‬8‭ ‬years old.‭ ‬I LOVED climbing trees.‭ ‬I was a true little monkey then.‭ ‬I wasn‭’‬t tall enough to get into the one everyone else was in so being little Miss Independent I went in search of the perfect tree.‭ ‬I found one.‭ ‬It had limbs like steps.‭ ‬I was able to go right up it.‭ ‬Cool‭! ‬I started climbing.‭ ‬But on the second step my foot slipped on the‭ ‬sleek smooth surface of the bark.‭ ‬I caught myself behind my knee of my left leg and pulled myself up and off the tree.‭ ‬A little shaken from all most hitting the ground I dropped to the ground and walked back over to where everyone else was.‭ ‬My brother started screaming‭! ‬“She‭’‬s‭ ‬dyeing‭!‬” over and over again.‭ ‬I couldn‭’‬t figure out what he was talking about.‭ ‬He could see my thigh,‭ ‬which I couldn‭’‬t feel.‭ ‬I had thought I caught myself with my knee on the broken limb.‭ ‬I actually had my inside thigh caught by the limb.‭ ‬I thankfully missed the main artery and ended up with well over‭ ‬200‭ ‬stitches.‭ ‬Yep,‭ ‬I have to admit that ended my tree climbing‭ ‬obsession.

Favorite snack while reading‭?

I don‭’‬t really snack while reading.‭ ‬Even thought I try to read while cooking‭ (‬more stirring things‭) ‬I seem to get distracted from the book while eating and reading.‭ ‬I do eat and read at lunch time,‭ ‬but prefer me and a book.‭ ‬And I‭’‬m a little goofy as I don‭’‬t want greasy finger pages,‭ ‬so I don‭’‬t eat chips or snacks with my books.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬I do have to have my teas.‭ ‬I‭’‬ve been drinking the Apple Spice Chai tea or Ultra Spice Chai lately.

Favorite word‭?

There are many words out there I love.‭ ‬But I‭’‬m going to say jealous,‭ ‬all because of a story from when I was young,‭ ‬like‭ ‬3‭ ‬or‭ ‬4‭ ‬young.‭ ‬My mom couldn‭’‬t‭ ‬understand what I meant when I was going around saying I was jealous.‭ ‬It took a little work but she found I was cold.‭ ‬I must have heard the word jealous somewhere and was cold at the same time and associated the two together.‭ ‬Lol.‭ ‬I don‭’‬t think that any more,‭ ‬but I can still see the relationship‭ ‬between‭ ‬the words.‭ ‬Can‭’‬t you‭? ;‬D

Favorite quote‭?

Oh,‭ ‬this is a tough one.‭ ‬I have a list of about‭ ‬10‭ ‬quotes on my sidebar on the blog.‭ ‬I love them all for different reasons that resonated in me.‭ ‬But to pick one,‭ ‬this one I try to remember and use.‭ ‬Although it‭’‬s hard to do in personality,‭ ‬but helps me strive in things I do.‭ ‬It‭’‬s by Ken Scholes from his book‭ ‬Lamentation.

‎“‏Watch for the ones who leave your mouth hanging open.‭ ‬Study them,‭ ‬find out what they love and what they fear.‭ ‬Dig the treasure out of their soul and hold it to the light.‭”‬ He leaned in even closer now,‭ ‬so that Neb could smell the wine on his breath.‭ ‬ “Then Be like them.‭”

If your life were a book what would the title be‭?

Hmm,‭ ‬I‭’‬m never good at coming up with names,‭ ‬but I‭’‬ll give it a try‭…
The Mixed up World of a Fantasy Dreamer

If you could spend the day with any book character who would you choose and why‭?

A short month or so ago I read the book‭ ‬Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn Cameron,‭ ‬and decided the main character was my new VBF‭ (‬Vampire Best Friend‭)‬.‭ ‬I think this character would have to be the one I would spend the day with.‭ ‬I really enjoyed reading about‭ ‬her and seeing there really is more behind the tough‭ ‬facade‭ ‬and she could be fun too.‭ ‬She was one of those characters to call out to me when reading.

Thank you so much Melissa!

I was supposed to have one more blogger interview for you tomorrow but I haven't heard back from that blogger so I'm not sure if it's happening. I guess you'll just have to check back here tomorrow and find out for yourself.


Hi Simcha! Thank you so much! And such kind things you say. :) I'm so glad I could make such an example for you. I never really thought about it that way. I just like to chat, maybe to much, but it's fun. And so glad I got to meet you here on the web. It has been great these last two years chatting with you. Thank you again!

Melissa :D I am so happy to get to know you better. You are truly wonderful blogger and with a great taste in books ;) I am always happy to meet people who love fantasy.

Wow, that story was scary. I am glad you are ok. I loved climbing trees too and rocks, hey everything I could climb was good. Luckily I never hurt myself.

Oh we till meet and climb some trees, lol. I miss those days

Great Interview - I have to agree 100% that Melissa is one of the friendliest people on the Internet I can't tell you how many places I found her posting recommendations for my husband's Riyria Revelations books. She is very generous and giving to both readers and writers and I always look forward to reading her reviews. A great person to spotlight on your blog!

Robin Sullivan | Write2Publish | Ridan Publishing

Awesome interview, Melissa. Your tree climbing story made me laugh and wince at the same time.

It was nice to learn more about you!

Blodeuedd - :) Thank you. So glad you like the suggestions I've made. ;) It's been great getting to know the bloggers out here, and chatting all the time! Oh I was an outdoors person, still am when the allergies allow me to be. But it was always fun climbing the trees and large rocks. Thank you!

Robin Sullivan - Thank you so kindly! I love going around and chatting with everyone and sharing great books. I never realized how much I really got to commenting as a few people have said the same, I was/am everywhere. Thank you so much for the kind words. :)

Sarah-Jane Lehoux - Thank you! :) That story is one we still talk about to this day. And the part I didn't put in was I wasn't worried about my leg, I was worried about my jeans! They were my favorite ones! My mom and uncle (who happened to live a few houses down) had to cut my jeans pant leg off and I didn't want them too. Just a shame to lose a great pair of jeans that were so comfortable. ;D Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the story.

Awesome interview! And yes, Melissa is, hands down, the nicest person I probably know, in real life or online. Zara is honored to be her VBF.

Those chai teas sound divine. I'm not a huge tea drinker (I'm trying! Tea junkie in training!), but I love chai.

I don't think I ever climbed a tree and now I'm kind of glad of it LOL--I would've done something just like that. Do you still have one hell of a scar from it?

Skyla! Hey. Thank you! Now I need to work on that nice thing out here on the net it seems. Hmm, I think my husband would laugh to hear that everyone thinks I'm nice. ;D And I love having Zara as my VBF! She helps out when the going gets tough, and I can't smack someone. Oh, yes. I have one hell of a nice scar for that one. But I do have to say at least it happened when I was young and short. At the time it took the whole inside of my thigh, but over they years it seems smaller as I grew so tall. So now only about 3 1/2 to 4 inches square (in V shape). Crazy. But a good story! :) Thank you!

Melissa – You crack me up! “I’m so jealous” – oh ,dear. I’ve got tears coming out my eyes. And 200 stitches!!!!! Holy cow! That sounds incredibly painful, yet you just walked away all unconcerned. What a daredevil you were. Nice to see your lovely face and your doggie’s too!

BTW – those Dr. Martens boots are available in Amazon; you don’t perchance wear a size 6 or 10 do you?

Simcha – Hey, I know a blogger who I’d love to answer all these questions...what do you say???

Oh my! Stitches! We would have gotten along so well at that age. ;D You are truly one of the sweetest bloggers out there and~
*interrupted by a doberman*
Oh look at those girls! Those beautiful shepherds! Oh mom! Can I go vist? PLEASE? *whine*
*pushes dobie aside*
Sorry about that... you know how the boy loves your girls... ;D

What pretty puppies you have my dear! What a way to live with 2 big dogs being lorded over by a measly cat, my poor Chihuahua is in the same boat but he at least is smaller than my cats!

Nice to sit and read your interview Melissa and I agree with Simcha and the others you are one of the nicest folks I have met in blog land and it has been a pleasure getting to chat with you when we have time!

Enjoyed your interview Melissa! Nice to learn a little more about you. And your puppies are gorgeous! Love dogs, yet somehow the cat always rules the roost! *L*

StephanieD - lol. So glad you liked the jealous thing. ;D I still like it! lol. Oh, thank you. I couldn't believe I didn't feel the pain either. Everyone says shock, but I didn't even know it happened. And I didn't put in here, but I was soooo worried over my favorite jeans being ruined when I did find out! Lol. Oh well. So glad you like the pic. Oh, and the boots, um... I need a size, are you ready? 11. Yes. I have big feet. I'm about 6 feet tall, so I need large shoes. ;)

Oh yes! Simcha should definitely do the questions! I agree with you StephanieD!

Melissa (Books&Things) - lol. I had a thing for stitches for a few years there. But it was usually for the fun stuff I got them. *sigh* those where the days. But oh well. And thank you. :) I'm glad everyone thinks I'm so kind.... Oh and tell the little man there the girls say hello and give him a scratch behind the ear. ;) (*whispers* he's welcome to come play anytime you're in the area) ;D

Jackie B - Oh thank you! Glad you like the puppies. :) And yes, those cats do seem to take the lead. lol. Thank you. So glad you liked the interview and feel so about chatting. It is always great getting to chat with you as well. :)

Alexia - Oh thank you! Glad you like the puppies. :) And yes, those cats do seem to take the lead. lol. Thank you!

Awesome interview Simcha! Melissa is a super friendly and inspiring blogger. :)

WonderBunny - Awww, thank you! :) So glad you stopped by. And you are too kind. :)

Melissa, have I told you lately how much you rock! Sorry I wasn't here earlier to comment but I was avoiding the computer like the plague. I'm so glad that you decided to start a blog and I'm looking forward to many, many more years of knowing you.

Ryan G - Awww, you are to nice! :) And thanks to you I'm here. I hope to be around for many many more years with you as well. :) Thank you!!

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