Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things I Love as Much As Books...

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Things I Love as Much As Books

Books are awesome and I totally love them. In fact, I spend hours each week reading them and then writing about them. But I decided it would be fun to dedicate one post each week to talking about some of the other things in my life that I love just as much as books, and this week I'm going to talk about...


OK, I know, who doesn't love presents? But I'm excited to have just signed up for the annual blogger gift swap and so I have presents on my mind. I had a lot of fun participating in the gift swap last year and have been looking forward to doing it again. Last year I received four fantastic books from my wishlist from the lovely blogger at Raging Bibliomania, along with a beautiful card. I also really enjoyed putting together a package for the blogger whose name I was given, which included some cute Israeli knickknacks and a couple of books that I personally enjoyed reading.

I don't receive presents very often, now that I'm and adult (yeah, being an adult can be kind of a drag), and so it was exciting knowing that I had a present coming to me from a mysterious stranger...(OK, not so mysterious since she told me who she was, but still a stranger).

While there are several different gift swaps going on, the one I participate in is The Book Blogger Holiday Swap which I like because it's not limited to just books, as some of the other ones are, and therefore the gift is not as predictable. I also wasn't comfortable signing up for anything with the word "Santa" in it because it felt a bit treacherous to my Jewish roots. Holiday Swap, on the other hand, sounds nice and neutral and can encompass all holidays.

So if you have a blog (and it's never too late to start one) and like presents, I highly suggest that you join up as well. Maybe I'll even get your name, which would be so awesome for you (because Israeli knickknacks are the BEST)


Blodeuedd: I hope you'll participate in at least one of the gift swaps. They are a lot of fun.

i LOVE presents too! and i signed up for the swap as well :D

I love presents too. I love them so much. I love them right in the face. I know that Christmas isn't about material things and all, but I get disproportionately excited about the prospect of getting presents for all my family. And, yes, getting presents also. My family is stupidly in love with Christmas presents.

I love presents too. :) I'm trying to get my books figured out to sign up for a Secret Santa at Broke and Bookish. :) Hope you have a great time with your swap. :)

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