Saturday, November 13, 2010

The perfect example of a life-changing book

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Last month I had done a post about life-changing books and what it really means for a book to be life changing. And so, when I read this letter, which Neil Gaiman had posted on his blog, I just had to share it as a perfect example of a real life-changing book.

A woman wrote to Gaiman telling him how her son, who has a has a visual processing disorder, taught himself to read with Coraline. He figured out how to translate the words in the book to auditory sounds that he could remember, and was then able to read in a way that made sense to him.

Over the years, this has given him the confidence to overcome a number of hurdles. He simply thinks back to teaching himself to read, after several adults had told him he never would, and he is reminded of how remembering you reading aloud gave him the idea to 'translate' written words into sounds... and he thinks outside the box to figure out a way around whatever he's having trouble with.

As I said, he's 12 now, and reading "Grey's Anatomy", the medical school textbook, for fun! He has decided to be a trauma surgeon.

I honestly don't think his life would have turned out this way if we hadn't taken him to your book reading.

So, thank you again for writing, for reading, and for changing my child's life.

Now that is the perfect example of a life-changing book.

You can read the full letter to Gaiman here


Truly amazing. As if I didn't have enough reasons to love Neil Gaiman already :-)

What a story! I'm sure Neil never thought in a million years that when he wrote that book such an amazing thing would come out of it. That is the best example of a life-changing book!

That's really wonderful! I am glad Gaiman's books were able to help someone get into the magic of reading, and unlock the key into new worlds so to speak. :-)

Wow, that is truly amazing, it just gave me chills!

Aw, I got tears in my eyes. That's really touching.

Yes, I love this story though I was bit disappointed with how blasé Gaiman was about it, tacking it in at the end of a post, after all kinds of other, more casual, fan letters. But perhaps he gets these kind of letters all the time.

Wow! That really is amazing. I am so glad for that young boy. I hope he does great things.

It seems as the book helped him more personally than what was in the book. But that is really a great thing!

I'm glad to hear that books have such wonderful impact on people.

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