Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Music: Sci​-​Fi Songs by John Anealio

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John Anealio is now offering his album of scifi & fantasy songs to be downloaded for whatever price you are able to afford, even if it's nothing.

From Scifi Songs Blog:

That's right. Sci-Fi Songs is now available as a pay what you want album. If you're broke, you can still get it for free. Just click the Buy button on the player below and enter 0. More than anything, I want you to enjoy my music, even if you can't pay. If you can, by all means, throw me a few bucks.

The songs include a homage to Sarene from Brandon Sanderson's Elentris and a Philip K. Dick inspired song entitled Rachel Rosen, which is really quite catchy. The rest of song refrences I didn't really get though Anealio does offer an explanation for a couple of them.

Here is the full album track:

1. The Return of Titus Quinn (Instrumental)
2. Rachel Rosen
3. Leodora
4. Cylon #6
5. Summer Glau
6. Angels & Vampires
7. Lonesome October Night
8. Sarene
9. Merithyn's Promise (Instrumental)
10. The Millennium Falcon for Christmas
11. Grasping for the Wind

Anyhow, I highly suggest you take this opportunity to download the album and if you can, throw in a a little something (or a lot of it) for the talented artist behind it.


oh! i love free stuff. am going to check it out. thanks :)

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