Sunday, April 11, 2010

Instructions read by Neil Gaiman

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Neil Gaiman's children's book, Instructions, is scheduled to be released later this month, and in this delightful video you can listen to the story read by Neil Gaiman himself, as well as watch the drawings come to life as they are colored in by the book's talented artist, Charles Vess.


I've been thinking about posting this over at Brizmus Blogs Books, but you got to it first. I love it when Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess work together. Isn't this beautiful?
I might still post it. :-)

Audrey, I admit that I also hesitated about posting this video because I saw it a couple of days after it was posted on the Tor site and I figured that by now everyone else had already posted it already. But I went for it anyways, and you can too :)

This is so awesome! thanks for posting it here :)

I've always loved this poem and the way Gaiman reads it. I like Vess's interpretation although not quite what I imagined.

nishitak: You're certainly welcome!

Stephanie: I've never heard this poem before, though I love hearing it read by Neil Gaiman. Though to be honest, anything Neil Gaiman read would probably sound good.

This is so gorgeous... on so many levels.

I would not have even looked at it, but Charles Vess will be at a local event (Arizona - US) and I recently saw his work on Stainless Steel Droppings. Perhaps I will get a signed copy?

Big connection here with it last night... :)

Shellie: That would be so awesome! No one interesting ever comes to Israel...

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