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Favorite Fictional Character: Thursday Next

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Favorite Fictional Character
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This week's favorite fictional character is Thursday Next, from Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series.

Thursday is a literary detective who solves crimes against literature that are too strange for the regular police force to handle, in this quirky alternative history series that takes place in Swindon, England.

Thursday is a wonderful character who is brave, intelligent, resourceful and, loyal. She hasn't had an easy life, with her brother having been killed in the Crimean War (which is still ongoing) and her father having been eradicated before she was born- though he still occasional shows up to visit, thanks to his skill in manipulating the time-space continuum. And then when she finally marries the man whom she is been in-love with for years, he too is eradicated by the evil Goliath corporation, so that no one but Thursday even knows that he ever existed ( I believe she manages to save him, but I haven't gotten to that book yet).

But despite all her travails, Thursday is constantly moving forward,
bringing the bad guys to justice and trying to find a way to help those she loves. Thursday's loyalty to her friends is one of my favorite characteristic of hers. During the war, when it was discovered that an error was made which led to the death of many soldiers, rather then retreating, as instructed, Thursday went back to save whoever she could. When her co-worker Spike, of the vampire demolition department, requests urgent backup which everyone else matter-of-factly ignores, Thursday runs to his assistance with no hesitation.

Thurday is the kind of person I would love to know and have as a friend. Despite the quirkiness of the books, Thursday herself comes across as so real that I'm repeatedly amazed that she is actually, and unfortunately, only a figments of Fforde's imagination.


I have never heard of this series. But it sounds great. Thursday does sound like a person that you would want to be friends with and to have on your side. She sounds as she is the kind to not leave anyone behind. Very strong character both of mind and character.

Great pick!

I keep looking at these books but I haven't given them a try yet. She sounds like a wonderful character that I need to meet for myself.

I'm really enjoying these books and I definitely think you should both try them. I love the way that Fforde adds new dimensions to classical book characters that cause you to view them in a completely new light. I doubt I'll ever think about Hamlet or Ms. Havesham the same way again (not that I've really thought of them much, since finishing college). I also like how his have book, while humorous, also have depth. A combination I don't usually find in such books.
Anyhow, if you do try them, tell me what you think

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