Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gift buying Anxiety: The Holiday Gift Swap

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The end of November is approaching and I'm getting anxious because I can't decide what to get the blogger who was assigned to me for the Book Bloggers Holiday Swap (aka Secret Santa but because I'm Jewish I'm going with the more religiously neutral term).

I had signed up for the Swap because it just sounded like fun and it means I get a present (I like presents) but I forgot how horrible I am at choosing gifts for people, with the exception of my kids. But that's because my kids are happy with anything I get them. I bought my five year old a couple pairs of socks last week and he was ecstatic. So choosing a gift for someone who I don't know at all is a real challenge for me.

I took a look at her blog and saw that she likes knickknacks and reads pretty much all genres of books. I picked up a wooden camel at a tourist shop as well as a dreidel (to add a little Jewish culture)and I would like to include a book as well but can't decide which one. I'm considering either
A Year in Provence, by Peter Mayle or A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. These are two of my favorite books and everyone who I've lent Bryson's book to has loved it. But now I'm concerned that she might have already read one of them? Should I send two books, just to be safe?

I'm wondering if I should have just gotten her a pair of socks. You really can't go wrong with socks- just ask my five year old.


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