Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Snapshots

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Saturday Snapshots
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Last week I had visited the open-air food market in Jerusalem (aka, the Shuk) where I found strawberries being sold for only 3 shekel a kilo (that's about 75 cents for 2 lbs). Excitedly I bought as many strawberries as I could carry and when I got home I proceeded to do something that I have being dreaming about for years - I made my own strawberry jam. And I really have no idea why I waited so long to do so because it was really quite easy and the results were delicious, perfect for eating on matzo, which was pretty much all we had to snack on for the week of Passover.

While my kids are not usually that excited about jelly (they eat their peanut butter sandwiches plain) they were eager to help me prepare the strawberries by washing and cutting them, and then they kept on visiting me in the kitchen to check on the progress of the jam on the stove-top.

When the jam was finished I poured it into a special jar that I had bought just for this occasion and then I invited the whole family to come and admire it, which they did. I then proceeded to serve it at every meal (it's amazing the things that you can eat strawberry jam with) and to my surprise my kids were just as enthusiastic about eating it as they were about making it (at least for the first few days.)


That looks fantastic! I love fresh strawberry jam, but I've never made it myself. You got such a great deal too!

I can't wait until the strawberries are ripe in the fields here. We're planning to go strawberry picking this year.

It looks delicious! My dad has become quite the jam maker in our family - since he retired. He grows his own rhubarb and maked strawberry-rhubarb jam. It's so good! I love that your kids helped :)

Yay for yam :D My parent's have never made that, they usually freeze them to use later. But they make applesauce every year

Homemade strawberry jam is really quite delicious.

That's great. I love strawberry jam. It's awesome that you made your own.

You have beautiful children!

I am quite jealous! I want homemade strawberry jam! Your kids look so industrious with those bowls of berries.

Love this post! Now you get to try other fun jams like kiwi lime, spiced blackberry apple, strawberry-raspberry jam or peach raspberry jam. Oh, so many. There are some wonderful jams out there. This looks yummy!

Alyce: Yes, I'm really going to miss strawberry season, which is already coming to an end.

Mary: Ooh, strawberry-rhubarb jam sounds delicious. Though now that I think about it I don't ever remember seeing rhubarb, here in Israel.

Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews: Thank you :) Though sadly it's now empty.

Blodeuedd: I do make applesauce sometimes but I don't like it quite as much as jam.

Marie: Thank you! They are especially beautiful when helping me out ;)

StephanieD: Yes, I'm really hoping that my children's enthusiasm for helping me in the kitchen will remain as they get older. I can't wait to have them do all the cooking.

WonderBunny: Mmm, you have my mouth watering with your list of jams. I'm going to head over to search for recipes for them, especially that kiwi lime one.

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