Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Fun Stuff From Around The Web

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A couple of months ago I had told you about an author name pronunciation guide that had been published in McSweeney’s book review section. Well I just across another fantastic author name guide over at, this one in audio format. This list includes hundreds of author names that when you click on them play an audio recording by the author, instructing you on how to properly pronounce their name. Now that is a clever idea!

Check it out here

I never had any particular desire to live in Minneapolis until I saw an image of these amazing bus shelters that are designed to look like ovens, promoting Caribou Coffee’s hot foods, and are installed with real working heaters. I sure would have appreciated a bus shelter like this when I lived in Milwaukee and had to walk 4 miles (or at least it felt like it) in the snow to school, and back, each day.

I have no idea who this Schuyler kid is or what his connection is to MakerBot, but his earnest and humorous sales pitch for the 3D Printer has certainly won me over. It's now on the top of my list of things to get when I have an extra $1,000. Just imagine being able to make your own pair of geeky glasses...(watch it and see)

My favorite SFF songwriter, John Anealio, has created a fun little ditty about all the authors who have new releases out this month. I wonder if I could get John to sing my weekly New Releases list. I think it would add a little pizazz to my posts, no?

If you have trouble getting up in the morning then this might be the perfect alarm clock for you. When the alarm goes off a ball is launched across the room, forcing you to retrieve the ball and return it to its place in order to silence the alarm. Annoying but effective. Though I am curious what that ball is made of since it looks like it would be painful if you end up getting hit by it.


Then you can't find the ball and the clock drives you insane ;) I do think that is one bad idea

that bus shelter is still cracking me up!!

Blodeuedd: Well, at least you'll be awake ;)

redhead: That bus shelter is awesome! I need to figure out away to get some of those in Israel.

Better get cracking on next week's new releases ditty, Simcha :)

I'd LOOOOVE that bus shelter right about now. And I don't even take the bus.

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