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HarperTeen Asks Authors 'Would You Want to Be a Vampire?'

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As an interesting way of promoting their upcoming vampire anthology, Teeth, HarperTeen asked each of the authors who contributed to the book to answer two questions: Would they want to be a vampire for a month and which vampire attribute would they be interested in having.

Frankly I can't understand why anyone would answer 'yes' to the question about being a vampire since I can't imagine a more miserable existence, but it was fun to watch the authors come up with different answers. Though I was made a little nervous by those authors who responded with such enthusiasm about the idea of being a vampire. I think I'll probably stay clear of them.

The vampire attribute question was kind of interesting to think about. I think I would go with the shape changing. How about you?

Part 1: Would You Like to be a Vampire For a Month?

Part 2: Which Vampire Attribute Would You Like to Have?


Oh, no! I don't even think so. I'm with the guy who's more interested in being a vampire of sandwiches.

For a month, though? I'd totally try it. Why not? After 30 days you get to go back to being you, right? If it was permanent, I'm totally with you and I would never make the change (hypothetically/fictionally speaking, of course), but for a month? Sure. Why not.

I just finished Jasper Kent's Twelve, so the answer is absofrickenlutely NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie: Or how about a vampire of chocolate? I could totally do that.

Gina: Not me. The blood drinking would make even a month's commitment unbearable.

redhead: I'll have to read that book. Your review really intrigued me.

mmm... vampire of chocolate. or coffee. or ice cream. i could totally do that stuff!

Simcha, I think you'd like Twelve. it was scary yet at the same time refreshing.

redhead: Yeah, but I don't think I need to be a vampire to enjoy any of those treats, thought that does make me think of another benefit of being a vampire- no weight gain ;) And I'll definitely try to get a hold of that book.

This is so neat hearing why they would or would not want to be a vampire for a month. :) Great post. Thank you for sharing it!

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