Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Mini-Vacation (and some gloating)

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Yesterday, while you all were going about your regular daily routines I was enjoying a min-vacation at the Dead Sea. And yes, I'm writing this post just to gloat.

Last week my husband had surprised me by announcing that he was sending me away for a night's stay at a hotel by the Dead Sea. I was getting too grouchy, he said, and seemed like I could use a bit of a break from the kids. And I forgave him for saying that (and really, who wouldn't be a little extra-tense when their two-year old suddenly becomes incredibly clingy and has a fit every time they leave the room, and has started waking up several times each night making numerous demands that must be met or else everyone will be awoken by loud screams? Just saying. )because he was sending me on vacation.

So yesterday I caught a bus to the Dead Sea and arrived at the Prima Spa Club Hotel around 4PM, immediately soothed by the serene atmosphere (a combination of some wonderful floral scent and a
wonderful no-children policy). When I entered my room I was tempted to just curl up in the beautifully made bed with it's fluffy pillows and sleep for twenty hours straight (I only had the room until 11 am, the next day), but instead I headed across the street to the hotel's private beach. The beach was pretty empty so I didn't feel too self-conscious about what I did next, which was walk into the water fully clothed- because I had forgotten to bring a bathing suit (which is a good example of why you shouldn't pack in the last minute). It was amazing though, just floating there effortlessly on top of the water.

I was probably there for about half an hour, at which point it was becoming too chilly to be enjoyable. I dripped and squelched back to the hotel where I enjoyed a long, hot shower, reveling in the knowledge that I could spend hours in that shower and no little kid would be banging on the door, demanding that I get out (though the hotel manager might not be too happy with me).

The rest of my stay was spent eating as much as I could at the breakfast and dinner buffets and making interesting tea concoctions in the lounge (there were glass jars of different tea leaves and a kettle of hot water so guests could make their own tea at any time) and sleeping. I'm proud to say that I even spent 30 minutes in the gym (exercising, no less) which I vow will be the start of a regular exercise regiment (and which I'll continue sometime soon...). After checkout I still had a couple of hours until it was time to catch my bus so I went to the hotel's garden where some comfy looking bean bags were scattered around and settled into one of them with a book for the rest of my vacation.

I had a great time and really enjoyed getting a whole day and a half to myself. I think it's been about four years since I last went away for that long, and I certainly appreciated the break. Though the minute I walked into the house my kids were on top of me demanding to eat, to be held or to be avenged for some wrong done by their siblings.

The soothing atmosphere of the Prima Club Hotel is fast becoming a distant memory, but it's a nice memory at least. And now I'm off to catch up with the laundry.


Evil you, gloating ;) Hihi gloat away, I would love a mini-weekend like that

that sounds absolutely blissful!

What a fabulous husband - first to be sensitive enough to realize you needed some alone time and second to give you a spa day! And am I jealous. You sound like you really needed it and I wouldn't begrudge you a moment.

Sounds like a great short break!

wow great vacation! Glad to see you got to relax hon =D

I'm glad you had a wonderful time, but at the same time I'm shooting evil rays out of my eyes at you. I think I'm going to have to follow your husbands example and send myself away for a day and night.

You got me jelous...
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Oh, what a loving husband! He really knew when to give you a mini-vaca. ;) Smart man. But this place looks amazing! And so glad you enjoyed it all. Hope you get another on next year. :)

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