Monday, November 22, 2010

iPhone Autocorrect Mistakes- Really Funny

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This site is so funny that I actually had tears rolling down my face while reading some of the hilarious auto-corrections made by iPhone.

Check out more of them here


Very funny! Loved the whore on Halloween.

Those are hilarious! I just got an iPhone and had to turn the auto correct off after my friend thought I said I was pregnant.... HAHAHA!

Lol, that divorce one is just evil

Oh Goodness, those are way funny.

Thanks for linking that site, it's hilarious!

Jessi E: I cracked up when I read your comment.

Blodeuedd: I know! These iPhones can cause some real trouble!

Dana Alma: Can you just imagine the reaction of the person who received that text! That's what really made me laugh.

Tara & Mary: My pleasure. I think what makes them so funny is that they are so real and can happen to anyone.

Hahahahaha, that made my day funnier. I liked "invaginate" for "in Carthage". That is not a word.

That is hilarious! Thanks for the morning laugh.

Thanks for the morning laugh.

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