Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Meme: Things I Love As Much as Books

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For almost a year now I've been participating, on and off, in Wordsmithonia's Favorite
Fictional Characters meme, which I've really had a lot of fun with. Unfortunetly I've been having trouble lately coming up with favorite characters to write about that I didn't already include in my book reviews. So I've decided to put this meme on hold for a while and try out a new one.

Audrey, over at Brizmus blog Books, has a feature that I enjoy reading called "Things I Love As Much as Books" and, with her permission, I've decided to try it out as well. I thought it would be fun to talk a bit about some of the non-book related things in my life that I also enjoy.

And this week's topic is...pocket watches!

Yes, I love pocket watches and own a few of them myself. They are just so elegant and classy.
I bought my first one when I was a teenager and a pocket watch in a shop that I was passing by, caught my eye. Another one was given to me by my husband when we first got married , and I don't remember when I got the third one. Unfortunately I don't actually use my pocket watches very much because I don't often wear skirts with pockets but I still enjoy owning them. I would love to collect them in a more serious manner, someday, when I have the time and funds for such pursuits. But in the meantime I just take mine out every so often and just enjoy the beauty of them.


I would like to have one, and keep it in my vest pocket..if I had one

Love them too. I only have one, but I need to break it out again.

Pocket watches always seemed so elegant and somewhat sexy to me. Not sure why though.

I could never bring myself to buy a pocketwatch or anything that looks fancy and breakable. I always had those ugly but durable Swatch watches. Now I don't even wear a watch anymore - haven't for years.

Blodeuedd: Now that's an idea...

Bryce: The truth is that for the purposes of telling time my cell phone is a lot more convenient, but pocket watches have so much more style. I really need to find a way to use mine more.

Ryan: Definitely!

Stephanie: I'm pretty sure the pocket watches I have were not expensive because I'm also weary of purchasing anything particularly valuable. I've never liked wearing traditional watches because they irritate my skin. But these days I mostly use my cell phone, though I'd love to start using my pocket watches if I could find a convenient way of doing so.

yay! I'm so glad you decided to participate! :-) And what a great way to start, with pocket watches! I had one when I was little that I LOVED. I wonder if I still have it around somewhere.

Very cool blog! I'm now a followers.

It's been a while since I've watched Arthor, I kind of miss it.

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