Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arthur Features Neil Gaiman and Falafel

Posted by Simcha 7:45 AM, under | 2 comments

It's been years since I last watched Arthur but if this is what the show is normally like, I think I need to start watching it again. This episode has both Neil Gaiman and falafel, two of my favorite things! Lucky Sue Ellen gets to hang out with Gaiman and even receives personal writing advice from him, as well as a free book.


Neil Gaiman and falafel - what a combination! Arthur just got way cooler.

Stephanie: I know! Cartoons are so sophisticated these days. The only problem is that then my kids don't understand them. This episode was good b/c, while my kids have no idea who Neil Gaiman is, they certainly know about falafel, so everyone was happy :)

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