Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Cheaper Alternative for Audio Book Listeners

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If you enjoy listening to audio books but can't afford to buy them on a regular basis, or you want a more flexible and affordable service than what offers, than you might want to try the Kelso Public Library.

The Kelso Library offers members access to the NetLibrary's entire catalog of over 3,000 audio books, which can be downloaded from anywhere. But even nonresidents can benefit from this service by becoming a member of the Kelso Library, for $70 a year. This service allows members to get out over 10 titles at one time, for a period of three weeks. Compared to Audible's price of $14.95 a month for just one book, this a real deal.

Read more at or visit the Kelso Library Website


Awesome stuff Simcha! However, myself I much prefer to physically hold the book and read it myself. I don't know why, but even having heard many great things about audio books I just can't get into them. Must be going crazy.

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