Saturday, January 2, 2010

My reading schedule for the week

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I don't usually plan in advance what I'm going to be reading during the upcoming week, preferring to choose my books based on my mood or whatever new books I acquire. But thanks to a couple of Goodreads groups that I recently joined, I seemed to have created for myself a reading schedule, which makes feel quite organized and purposeful (now if only that applied to other aspects of my life as well..)

Yesterday I began reading Soulless, by Gail Carriger, a book which the Urban Fantasy group on Goodreads has chosen for January. I had seen this book around on different blogs but it didn't really grab my attention, but I'm now finding it to be thoroughly enjoyable. It's kind of like a historical romance with vampires and werewolves mixed in. It's hard to describe, but a lot of fun to read.

This same group has also chosen to discuss Storm Front by Jim Butcher. I had actually tried reading this book a couple of times but I just couldn't get myself to finish it. Normally, in such a situation, I would just move on, but everyone else seems to love the Dresden Files and I'm determined to discover what it is they find so appealing about them. According to a number of Dresden fans, the first book is the weakest, and after you tackle that one the series gets better. So I've decided to give Storm Front one more try because I really just want to be a Dresden fan like everyone else (can you tell I've been feeling very left out?)

A couple of weeks ago I had picked up The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafron, at a second-hand bookstore. I was not familiar with the book or the author, but I really liked the cover, and the price was quite low, so I bought it. And suddenly I'm seeing this book being praised all over the place. Even my mother has read it! So I'm going to be reading Shadow of the Wind this week, as well.

I'm pretty sure that these books should last me for the week, but in case I do somehow finish them all, I'll get started on my scifi book for the month, which I think is going to be Dune by Frank Herbert. Dune is one of those books that I feel that I should read, even though I don't really want to. Kind of like War and Peace or Moby Dick. I'm hoping it will surprise me though.

So do you have any big reading plans for the week?


I LOVE Dune, one of the best SciFi books I've ever read. It is a great mix of science, religion, commerce, and philosophy. I hope you enjoy it.

Wow all in one week! I don't usually get through more than one book a week. I wish I could, but to slow of a reader. My read currently is Three Days to Dead. I am really looking forward to this one. I just started it but am only on page 10. Have a great week!

Shadow of the Wind is one of my favourite books. It starts slow but then you find your self racing through eager to uncover the 'mystery'.

I read Dune, and some of the sequels, a while ago but want to read it again. It was one of the worlds I truly became involved with - totally caught up with the fate of the characters and curious about their future.
Keep an eye out for words/phrases in Hebrew and Arabic.

@ Ryan: science, religion, commerce, and philosophy, you say?'m not sure if I'm really up to the task after all. Though I'm thoroughly impressed with you for finding these aspects of a book enjoyable. But then, if I do read Dune and enjoy it, I will be very impressed with myself as well- so perhaps I will give it a shot.

@ Melissa: I read a lot on my commute to work and back. I get to work by hitchhiking (not uncommon here) and by bus which leaves me a lot of time to read.

@ Esther: Why am I the only on who has never heard of this book? While the pace is pretty slow, it still manages to grip you. Though I'm curious about the fact that I've seen this book reviewed on a few fantasy sites though I haven't seen any aspects of the book that would cause it to fall under this genre.

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