Monday, December 7, 2009

Reading interrupted

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For the past week I've been reading Servant of a Dark God, by John Brown, and I had intended to finish it today so that I can get the review written. Instead I'm going to turn off my laptop and curl up in bed with Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge. I had seen Street Magic recommended a couple of days ago and I idly picked it up yesterday as a diversion during a tense point in Servant of a Dark God. But the book has completely drawn me in and now I must finish it before I can get anything else done. So my review, and all of those brilliant posts I was going to put up today will have to wait until tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone and happy reading!


I am curious of Servant of a Dark God. I have heard mixed feelings on it. But I do have to say Street Magic is really good! I read that one a while ago and loved it. The next book in the series is out too, Demon Bound. I picked it up already and it is in my tbr stack. With what I have to read and the way this month is going I'm not going to get to it till next year. Just not enough time...

I hope you enjoy Street Magic!

Melissa, I'm sad to say that I didn't quite enjoy Street Magic as much as you did. I felt that Peter and Jack's Characters weren't really developed and although I kind of liked them in the beginning, after a few chapters I didn't really like either one of them. I did feel kind of bad for the ex-fiance though. All he wanted were his papers signed. I also thought this book could have really used some colorful secondary characters. Well- it will all be in my review. I think I'll link to your review at the end though so that readers could get another perspective on the book.
As for Servant of a Dark God, I don't think I'll know what I feel about the book until I finish it, which I still have not done. The story was just so bleak and hopeless when I last left it that I'm reluctant to return.

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