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Favorite Fictional Character: Carl the Dog

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Favorite Fictional Character
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My favorite fictional character this week is Carl the dog, from
Alexandra Day's series of children's picture books.

Carl is a Rottweiler who lives in San Francisco, and he is absolutely the coolest dog.

When Madeline's mother leaves Carl in charge, she knows that she is leaving her child in good hand (paws?). When Madeline was a baby, Carl would babysit her many times. He entertains her (which involves dancing and then sliding the baby down the laundry shoot), feeds her, bathes her and puts her to bed just as the mother gets home.

Carl also watches Madeline in the department store while the mother is shopping.
Together they read books, try on clothes, grab samples in the supermarket and release all the animals from the pet department.

And Carl even comes one day to nursery where he takes care of the whole class while the teacher gets herself locked outside of the classroom.

I, for one, would love to have a dog like Carl to help take care of my kids, something I was thinking about today while unsuccesfuly trying to find a baby sitter. Though I'm not so keen on the swimming in the fish tank idea.


I love this post today! I love the whole idea and the fact that the dog is a Rottweiler. Rottweilers' get such bad names from the people that used them as fighters. But they are the biggest babies ever. Yes, as you have probably guessed, I have a Rott. She has been our friend and family member for over 11 years now. She is the kindest dog around.

This sounds like a great book for kids. I wish I had it when I was younger.

I have not done my FFC yet, but will get to it tonight.

Great pick this week!

Thanks for the wonderful post. This was a dog I wasn't familiar with but I think my son would find him aweseome. I'm going to have to check into the books now.

These really are great books. The pictures are beautifully done, each painted by the author herself. And they are just so full of character and humor. The books are mostly pictures, with very few words, which is great for children as it allows them to tell the story as they see it. I need to replace the ones that we have since they are falling apart from overuse.

The author did the pictures their self. Wow. Just the few pictures you have up here look well done.

I may have to get these for a close friends baby. They love dogs and our Rott as well.

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