Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite Fictional Character: Hawkeye Pierce

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Favorite Fictional Character
Hosted by Ryan at Wordsmithonia

This week's favorite fictional character is Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce, from one my favorite TV shows, M.A.S.H.

MASH is TV shows from the 1970s that humorously portrays a field medical unit in Korea during the Korean war. I had discovered this show about ten years ago when I joined a gym and MASH was playing on the TV the first couple of times that I went. I soon got hooked onto the show and ended up going to the gym sometimes twice a day just to catch MASH, which was on in the morning and the evening. I was in really good shape that summer!

Hawkeye is one of my favorite TV characters, with his irreverent and sarcastic humor and creative pranks that would often shake up life at the army camp and help relieve the stress and trauma of war. Despite his decidedly unprofessional and unmilitary behavior, flashes of Hawkeye's strong conciseness and sense of humanity are often revealed, portrayed very skillfully by Alan Alda.


You are awesome! What a fantastic choice this week. This was one of those shows that my mom would make me watch with her and while I hated it then I absolutely love it now.

Nice! I remember watching this when I was younger. I didn't appreciate it so much back then.

Thanks Ryan! I'm really having fun with this meme of yours. Thanks for coming up with it!
I love MASH, though I'm glad my mother didn't watch it when I was younger because then I would have to hate it just on principal ;)
They just don't make shows like this anymore.

Awesome pick! I haven't seen a MASH rerun in a while. I use to catch them once in a while. This character was one to add a good mix to the show.

Great pick this week! I have fun with this meme as well.

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