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The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

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The Demon Lexicon is a book I probably would have never picked up if I hadn't won it in a contest. I've been rather unimpressed with most of the YA urban fantasy books that I have read recently and the blurb on the back of the book didn't grab me either. But hey- it was free- so I gave it a shot. And I actually found it rather enjoyable.

Nick is the ultimate bad-boy; he's dark, dangerous and can frighten grown men twice his age with just a look. The only person in the world who Nick cares about, and who is not afraid of him, is his brother Alan who practically raised Nick, since their father was busy with task of caring for their unstable mother. And for as long as Nick can remember, their family has been on the run from the magicians who want a certain charm returned to them, one which Nick's mother had stolen many years ago. Nick could care less if the magicians get to his mother, after all, she had never treated him with any kindness. But Alan cares, and for Alan Nick would do anything.

That's why Nick soon finds himself forced to hunt down the magicians that he has always been running from, because it will take the death of two magicians to save his own brother's life, as well as the life of a young boy whom Alan is determined to protect. But in his race to save Alan, Nick discovers a new and unsettling side of his brother which leads him to question his relationship with the one person he had always trusted and loved.

I admit to having enjoyed The Demon's Lexicon more then I had expected to. Alan and Nick are two very strong and compelling protagonists who you come to care for and the complex relationship between the two of them was very well portrayed. Jamie, the boy who Alan insists on saving, is also a very likable character with his self-deprecating personality and funny one-liners. I found his sister, Mae, to be rather irritating though, but she did her part by providing a touch of romance as well as bringing out flashes of Nick's human side.

While the beginning started out strong I felt it got bogged down a bit in the middle with Nick's constant altercations with everyone; proving to everyone how tough he is. That got a little boring. But a little over half way through, the pace quickened and I was easily drawn back into the story which then kept hold of me until the very end. The climax of the story was also satisfying, providing some unexpected revelations and surprises.

I think The Demon's Lexicon is a book that fans of YA fantasy are sure to enjoy though those who don't generally read YA books might not appreciate it quite as much.


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