Sunday, October 23, 2011

A real steampunk world: Israeli car commercial

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I just came across this Israeli commercial for electric cars and I had to share it with you. I just love it!  Especially that little steam-powered toy dog.

In case you're curious, the voice in Hebrew is saying "the world has already advanced to electricity, and what about you?"

P.S. Ok, now that I think about it I realize that these objects are probably all meant to be running on gas, not steam, but I like thinking of them as being run by steam anyways. It's a lot cooler that way (even if it doesn't make sense for a car commercial)


This is awesome! What a cool concept! I'd get a facial every time I used an appliance. Ha!

I have to admit, that made me laugh. What a pretty creative commercial. I guess that's one way to draw more attention to the viability of electric and hybrid cars.

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Two thumbs up for uniqueness and creativity. Whoever thought up this car ad is a genius.

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This is a good commercial indeed. I also like the uniqueness and creativity of the people behind this advertisement. It surely is a compelling car commercial.

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I was looking for some Toyota Certified Pre Owned in the internet when I saw this blog. I agree with the comments. This is such a very nice car commercial. It used creativity and humor. The combination of those aspects created a very compelling advertisement.

Sometimes I wonder why wouldn't anyone notice the beauty of steampunk. The only thing that I wouldn't want to see be steampunked is a new car, not even long island used cars aren't good enough to be steampunked.

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