Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Fantasy Show: Once Upon A Time

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I'm not much for genre shows or movies but this new show from ABC (which I just read about on SF Signal) sounds really fun. It will be on in the fall and I can't wait to check it out

Once Upon A Time

From the inventive minds of Lost executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis comes a bold new imagining of the world, where fairy tales and the modern-day are about to collide.

And they all lived happily ever after – or so everyone was led to believe. Emma Swan knows how to take care of herself. She's a 28-year-old bail bonds collector who's been on her own ever since she was abandoned as a baby. But when the son she gave up years ago finds her, everything starts to change. Henry is now 10 years old and in desperate need of Emma's help. He believes that Emma actually comes from an alternate world and is Snow White and Prince Charming's missing daughter. According to his book of fairytales, they sent her away to protect her from the Evil Queen's curse, which trapped the fairytale world forever, frozen in time, and brought them into our modern world. Of course Emma doesn't believe a word, but when she brings Henry back to Storybrooke, she finds herself drawn to this unusual boy and his strange New England town. Concerned for Henry, she decides to stay for a while, but she soon suspects that Storybrooke is more than it seems. It's a place where magic has been forgotten, but is still powerfully close… where fairytale characters are alive, even though they don't remember who they once were. The epic battle for the future of all worlds is beginning, but for good to win, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell.


Cool :D I will watch it

I like it. There are already 3 other shows that will be on NBC I have too watch, two of them are genre shows. Grimm looks really good and Awake looks like it could go either way.

Oh my...this is my kind of show! Hope it won't become as ridiculous as Lost though.

This does sound fun! I am willing to entertain the possibility that it will be extremely lame, but I would be so pleased if it turned out good.

Blodeuedd: Yeah, it looks like fun. Hope it will be good!

Ryan: I'm not familiar with those other shows that you mention but I'll have to check them out.

FairiesNest: I've actually never seen lost (I started but the airplane crash freaked me out) but I know it's very popular so I have some hope for this show as well.

Jenny: Yeah, that's pretty much my take on it as well.

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