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Random thoughts on Secret Doors

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While scrolling through my Google Reader I came across a mention by The Bodacioud Pen of a secret library built by Holly Black , which immediately intrigued me. So of course I had to find out more and I followed a link to the blog The Steampunk Home which had a post about a library built by Holly Black that she hid behind a secret door, concealed as a book case.

At first I thought "how awesome!" What would be cooler then having a secret room? But that thought was quickly followed by my wondering, why would someone want to hide a library. While I love the idea of secret passages in a house or maybe a hidden laboratory filled with top-secret gadgets, a secret room sounds rather Anne Frank too me. And if I had a library as amazing at Holly Black's I certainly wouldn't want to hide it.

But the idea of concealed rooms did fire my imagination so I followed the link to where they have pictures of all the different concealing doors that they have available.

Now I really want want one but I can't think of what I would actually hide behind it. In the TV show Webster there was a grandfather clock that hid a secret passage, and I would totally go for something like that. It could be great for sneaking out of the house without my kids noticing...

This line of thought brought me to the website of another company, Creative Home Engineering, that builds some of the coolest secret doors and passageways. They even build staircases that lift up at the touch of a button, revealing another room behind it.

I also found this really interesting video that shows how the people at Creative Home Engineering build these concealing doors and includes a demonstration of how some of their products work, including a fireplace which opens up by placing the pieces on a nearby chess board in particular positions. Very Indiana Jones and very cool. There is even a bookcase that opens with the help of a Harry Potter Book.

So what do you think? Would you want a secret door or passageway in your house and if so, what would you want to hide behind it?


That is every kid's dream! I still harbor a desire for a secret passage and a fortress of solitude on the other side. Great stuff.

I've already told my husband that I want to build our next home and I want a secret library! :D

hahahaha! If I could have a secret room would be a library too. Don't know why but that seems awesome to go into a room no one outside the house knows and just sit with my books in the quiet and read.

If I ever build a house I would totaly do a secret room...a reading hole with amazing sky lights or something would be just awesome.

That's awesome! I would love that, a secret room just for me, uninterrupted!

I've wanted a library behind a secret door since I saw the Holly Black library post. Sigh.

Heck yes I do! That is awesome. I don't know what I'd want in a secret room though. I shall start planning for one now! Thanks for this!


Well, I guess her door's not so secret anymore. But I agree, why would anyone want to hide such an awesome library????

Who doesn't want a secret room. This is so freaking cool. I've always loved living in an apartment but I may have to rethink it just so I can have secret rooms....maybe even a tunnel.

I'd love to have a hidden door leading to a library! It wouldn't be a question of hiding the library so much as making it particular to me. Books have the quality anyway, in an interior way, of putting you separate to the real world; having a secret reading room would just be a way of externalizing that same sort of notion. Seriously, I would cry with happiness if I had a secret library.

Well, after much thought I decided that if I were ever in the position to build a secret door I would put it in the back of one of our closets, and have it activated by stepping on a certain place on the floor. Then I would give my kids The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to read and see how long it takes them to discover the secret door. Still haven't decided what I would put behind it though...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on secret doors. I believe that it's important to have one in your home so you can add security in it.

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