Friday, July 9, 2010

No hopping this week

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This Friday I decided that instead of participating in the various blog hops and joining more blogs that I don't actually have time to visit, that I would try to follow up on all of the blogs that I had discovered through the hops in previous weeks.

I'm starting to feel that these blog hops are becoming more about collecting followers than about actually discovering new blogs that you enjoy or about making connections. I know that few of the bloggers who have joined my blog through the blog hops have actually ever come back, at least I haven't heard from them. In which case I think I prefer that they didn't join at all. Although having a nice number of blog followers does make me feel good, I would feel even better knowing that all of those followers are actually interested in visiting my blog and reading the content that I put up.

That's not to say that I won't be participating in future blog hops because I really have found some great new blogs to follow through them, but this week I'm going to take a break and go visit those blogs who are already listed in my Google Reader.

And if you are a regular follower who does actually read what I have to say, I want you to know how much I appreciate having you here. While blogging is a lot of fun what makes it really satisfying is knowing that someone is actually interested in reading what I have so painstakingly written.

So now I'm off to do some blog visiting and I wish you a wonderful weekend with many hours of pleasurable reading.


Heh, I made a post about this earlier this week when I unwittingly found myself following 375 blogs. I'm currently going through and weening out those that I don't really want, rather than give the blog owners false information. I like being truthful, after all.

Best of fun hopping =D

I like the hops because I am finding blogs I wasn't aware of. There's a lot of new bloggers out there that I really like whom I wouldn't have been able to find without the hop, but I think you make absolute sense on the follower harvesting. I feel that way too sometimes.

i don't even know what a hop is...but the right blog seems to always show up at the right time (maybe because folks like you hop).

Shalom. You know, I sometimes is a brilliant way of getting ideas and meeting new folk. One thing I like to do is sift through the "Follow" function in on one follow to another. Other times I'll just type in a tag in google and see what comes up.

hi simcha! i like blog hops too because i discover new blogs and see what else is out there. but i totally understand about harvesting followers but i'm hoping those who took the time to click on the follow button take the time to lurk. i'm a big lurker myself and try to visit all the blogs i'm following at least once a week (but i don't always leave comments).

also, thank you for your last comment on my post. it meant a lot to me. :)


I want to thank you, Simcha, for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughtful comments. I do appreciate it very much, as well!

Michelle: I used to be a total lurker but then when I started blogging and found out how much I enjoy receiving comments I started making an effort to leave them for other bloggers. Even if someone doesn't have much to say, it's nice to know that they enjoyed something that I wrote.

Stephanie: Well I really enjoy your blog with your interesting book reviews and discussion questions. Plus it's good for me to step out of my scifi and fantasy niche and discover some of the other interesting books that are out there.

Kelli: Thanks for stopping by! I'm pretty new at commenting but once you become a blogger you realize how much pleasure it give most bloggers to know that someone has read their stuff, so I think it's worth the effort. Plus it's a great way to get to know the person behind the blog.

Simcha, I think I agree with you. I have new followers but I don't know if they are reading what I am posting or not. I only visit blogs that are in the genre I read, and follow those that fit with my reading. I don't want to follow someone I will never want to stop back by because I don't like the books they read. I am hoping that the followers do come back around. But it seems that many of them are just "following" each other to get their counts up, and not even liking the same kinds of books. But I could be wrong in my view. I know there are people following my blog that don't even like fantasy or urban fantasy. They read historical books. So they are just looking at the numbers. *shrug shoulders* I don't know. :) But it will all work out in the end, I hope. :)

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