Monday, July 26, 2010

Must-See Fake Trailer: Jane Austen's Fight Club

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This video has been making the rounds lately and while it's likely that most of you have already seen it, I decided to post it anyways because it's just so darn awesome.


Haha! I love this! I'm not much of a Jane Austen fan, but this is HYSTERICAL!!!

I love this trailer! Now there's a great idea for a mashup - Jane Austen meets Chuck Pala - how ever you spell his name...

I had definitely never seen that before, but it was frickin' HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop laughing! I wish they would make a real movie of it!

Riv Re: I'm also not much of an Austen fan and have no desire to read any of the recent mashup books, but I would totally watch this movie.

Audrey: Oh good! I'm so glad that I got to be the first one to show you this, though I'm sure you'll now see it all over the place.

StephanieD: Me too, I keep watching it over and over again, it cracks me up each time.

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