Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun web discoveries

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Just some fun things that I came across on the web this week...

This sign cracked me up. I tried to find out where this picture was taken but I didn't have much success.

The Lion Masseur

I love this picture of a lion getting a foot massage. It just looks like a big playful cat lolling around on its back. You can read more about the lion tamer who caters to these lions here.

The North Skirt...
As someone who only wears skirts (it's a religious thing) I thought this was pretty cool. The designer, Meredith Scheff, used soft circuits to create a skirt that lights up on whichever side faces north, so that the wearer will always know which direction is north. Admittedly. I don't usually have a need to know where north is, but in case I ever did, I would certainly like to be wearing this skirt at the time. You can read more about this skirt here as well as watch a demonstration of how it works.

"A Typical Conversation With My Mom" Tales Of Mere Existence

I thought this was really funny because I had very similar conversation with my grandmother, who I lived with when I was in high school, and who kept trying to get me to each fish even though I kept telling her I don't like fish, no matter how healthy it is or how smart it will make me.

Fun quiz: Which Fairy Tale Character are You?

I found this fun quiz through Layers of thought and immediately ran off to do it, because this stuff is important to know, right?
So according to the quiz I am the Gingerbread Man, which is kind of
disappointing because I really rather be a princess or an an evil queen then an edible confection. But oddly enough, the description it provides is somewhat accurate: (at least on those days when my kids don't make me feel like I got run over by a bulldozer)

You are so animated that it sometimes is exhausting just to keep up with you! You are always running around from one place to the next and you usually have about three thousand projects on the go at one time. You love to gab with anyone who will listen and you are always the person to ask when you want to catch up on the gossip. Sometimes you can be a bit of a tease, and you love to fool around and have fun. In fact, if something isn't making you happy you stop doing it!

To find out which fairy tale character you are take the quiz
And if you enjoy these kind of quizzes you might also want to try the Which Fantasy Writer Are You? quiz


Lol! very cute.

Now I really don't feel so bad about my mom.

I took the which fantasy writer are you when I first started my blog.. and did one of my first post on it.

Fun Stuff!

Well that was fun! I'm Goldilocks. :)

That's a hilarious video! Not only do I see my mom in it, but I see myself:)

Love that sign!

The Tales of Mere Existence video was really fun. I've certainly had those kind of conversations with people in my life.

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