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Favorite Fictional Character: Colonel John Casey

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Favorite Fictional Character

I don't watch that much TV, and in fact, I don't even own one, but occasionally I'll get wind of a show that sounds interesting and out of curiosity I'll check it out. Sometimes this will leads to a new addiction that will have me glued to my computer screen for a half an hour each week. Such is the case with one of my current favorite shows, Chuck.

Chuck has a number of great characters, from Chuck himself to his practically-perfect brother-in-law (aka Awesome) to his strange but genius father, but my favorite of them all is John Casey, the cold, trigger-happy NSA agent who is sent to hunt Chuck down.

If you aren't familiar with Chuck, here is a brief synopsis from IMDB:

When a twenty-something computer geek, Chuck, inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, CIA and NSA assign two agents to protect him and exploit such knowledge, turning his life upside down.

Casey is the NSA agent who is put on Chuck's tail in order to retrieve the stolen date. When it becomes clear that the data has been downloaded into Chuck's brain his job then becomes to protect Chuck until he is no longer needed, at which point he is to be eliminated.

Casey is a hardened military man who is fiercely loyal to his employers and puts his job above all else. Even once he is set up as an undercover bodyguard for Chuck, he is still fully prepared to kill Chuck at any moment if ordered to. But as the show progress we watch as Casey reluctantly comes to care for Chuck as a friend (although he would never admit it) which occasionally conflicts with his own unquestioning loyalty to his employers and his duty to the government. Watching Casey's character develop from a dispassionate, cold killer to a man with hidden depth and emotion is one of my favorite parts of this show and makes Casey one of my favorite TV characters.


You know I've never really watched this show but you are close to making a convert out of me. He sounds like a fascinating character amongst a group of interesting characters.

i'm never watched chuck. it sounds like a fun and interesting show though. after reading this post, i feel i must check it out...

It's a great show and highly suggest you both try it out. I particularly enjoy how it successfully combines drama and intrigue with humor, plus the characters are really wonderful.

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