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Friday Quotes

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I listened to the audio of The Thirteenth Tale this week and the prose was so wonderful that it was hard for me to limit myself to just these few quotes. The narration was also really fantastic, and I highly recommend this audio book, though I'm sure it's just as good in book format.
I actually did quite a bit of non-genre reading this week, which included Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley and The Year of Pleasure by Elizabeth Berg, though I haven't decided yet if I'll be reviewing them here.

So here are this week's quotes.


The Thirteenth Tale (Diane Setterfield)

  • There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic.

  • Do you know the feeling when you start reading a new book before the membrane of the last one has had time to close behind you? You leave the previous book with ideas and themes -- characters even -- caught in the fibers of your clothes, and when you open the new book, they are still with you.

  • I know there are people who don't read fiction at all, and I find it hard to understand how they can bear to be inside the same head all the time.

  • A birth is not really a beginning. Our lives at the start are not really our own but only the continuation of someone else's story.

  • Politeness. Now there's a poor man's virtue if ever there was one. What's so admirable about inoffensiveness, I should like to know. After all, it's easily achieved. One needs no particular talent to be polite. On the contrary, being nice is what's left when you've failed at everything else. People with ambition don't give a damn what other people think about them.

  • But silence is not a natural environment for stories. They need words. Without them they grown pale, sicken and die. And then they haunt you.

  • She was a do-gooder, which means that all the ill she did, she did without realizing it.

  • Everybody has a story. It's like families. You might not know who they are, might have lost them, but they exist all the same. You might drift apart or you might turn your back on them, but you can't say you haven't got them. Same goes for stories

  • I've nothing against people who love truth. Apart from the fact that they make dull companions.

Dead in the Family (Charlaine Harris)

Being alone is a lot more fun if it's optional

Where the Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak)

The wild things cried "Oh please don't go- we'll eat you up -we love you so!"
And Max said, "No,"

(There is just something about this line I really like)

Peter Brett (Just a random comment from his blog that I liked)

Have you ever desired something without even knowing it existed, and then suddenly had it appear atop your mailbox? It’s a weird feeling.

(this has never happened to me but I really wish it would)


Ohman, I SO must read The Thirteenth Tale! Those quotes are awesome!
And I also have never had the last one happen to me, but I defo would love for it to!

That first quote is just lovely and perfectly captures the magic of words.

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