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My plans for the new week

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Here in Israel we start off the new week by wishing everyone "shevuah tov!" Which means "good week," and I think it's a great greeting to start off the week with. So shevuah tov everyone and I hope you have been enjoying some good reads lately.

While I usually manage to get at least one or two books read a week, for the past week and a half I've been wholly occupied with a single book,
Dune. I must admit that I am definitely enjoying Dune much more then I had expected to, but it's also requiring a lot more of my concentration and time then many of the other books I normally read. I hope to finish Dune by tomorrow, after which I will continue on to a few other books that I have been looking forward to reading.

I recently ordered two books that I have been hearing a lot about and have piqued my interest; The Sword-Edged Blonde, by Alex Bledsoe and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I also got a hold of a book that I had read fifteen years ago and I remember really liking, called Villains by Necessity by Eve Forward. Strangely enough, Eve Forward only published one other book after this one, and that one was supposed to be the start of a trilogy. When I tried looking Forward up on the Internet I couldn't find any information about her and so now I'm particularly curious to see if Villains by Necessity is really as good as I remember it being.

I also need to start making some progress with the few challenges that I have joined. There are really so many interesting reading challenges going around now, but I have limited myself to only joining two of them, since I really hate committing myself and I know that I'll be hard pressed to even complete these two.

One of these challenges I had previously mentioned, and that is the Read a Book See the Movie Challenge, in which you review a book along with the movie that is based on it. And while I'm not having any trouble with the book reading part, finding the time to watch the movies is the real challenge for me. I plan to watch and review Dune as well as Blade Runner, for which I read Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep.

The second challenge I joined is hosted by Storytime with Tonya and Friends and is a Short Story Challenge in which you can choose different levels of participation. Tonya even offers a wimpy level, which allows you to participate in any manner you wish. I like this challenge because I'm not much of a short story reader though I've heard that there are some really good science fiction short stories, and since I already own quite a few scifi compilations, I thought this challenge would give me the incentive to start reading some of them. Books on the Nightstand also once had a podcast in which they recommended some short story collections that sounded really interesting, so this would also be a good opportunity for me to try some of those.

There is also one other challenge that I have been participating in recently, and that is The Comment Challenge at MotherReader in which you are supposed to comment at, at least, five different book blogs a day. This challenge is a great way to get into the habit of leaving comments for other bloggers and to discovers interesting new blogs. I have already gotten some new visitors through this challenge and I've also found some interesting new blogs to follow.

So I have some pretty ambitious plans for the upcoming week, and I really hope to accomplish at least a few of them. But first- must go finish Dune....


I'm a hug fan of Dune so really glad to hear that you are enjoying it. I've also heard nothing but good things about The Name of the Wind so I will be interested in hearing your thoughts on it once you are done with it. Have a great week and lots of fun reading.

I got The Name of the Wind from the library for a $1 not too long ago. I'm waiting for my TBR to go down a bit more before I dig into that one.

Shevuah tov!

"shevuah tov!" to you this week! What a wonderful greeting to start out a new week :)

Ryan: I really wasn't expecting to enjoy it all because I've never been interested in stories set on other planets and I'm really not a fan of politics in books, but Dune was very readable and I'm tempted to immediately start reading the sequel, except I have so much other reading to do.

StephanieD: I miss those library book sales. Last time I was in America my mother had to force me to stop buying books because I would just go the library and buy everything I saw on the sales shelves. When it was time to return home, I was surprised my suitcases were actually within the weight limit.

Peggy: Thanks for stopping by!

Shevuah tov to you as well, then!

This week I have to focus on my challenges as well. I'm working to finish Eye of the World this week. :)

Shevuah tov, Simcha. I found your blog via Mother Reader and can't wait to pass it on to my friend who writes fantasy/sci-fi. Also, I haven't read much in the genre for years, but do enjoy it, so it's cool to find a fun site devoted to reviews of these books.

shevuah tov to you simcha--that's a lovely tradition to start the week :)

i've heard of dune in passing but since i don't read sf all that much i've never heard of it beyond that. i look forward to your review so that i can know more about it.

thanks for stopping by the blog. as for your question about caressed by ice, i don't really think you have to read the first two but there's a lot of background info in them about the Psy-changeling world that it'd be a better reading experience if you do read the first 2. sorry, i'm the kind of reader who has to read series books in order so it might just be me. happy reading :)

I read the Dune books many years ago. I remember enjoying the story, and the movies, but I can't remember a lot of details. sorry I can't help you with your questions.

@ Between The Lines: I intend to watch the Dune movie and to see how it compares to the book, though I heard it's really long so I have been putting it off.

TJ: Wow, good luck with that! I read the first few books in the WOT series many years ago and have been considering giving the series another try...but there are just so many books. And they are all so long. Just thinking about the level of commitment required scares me off.

Lori: Thanks for visiting. If you would like some good SFF books to read I'd be glad to suggest something.

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