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Favorite Fictional Character: Artie

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Favorite Fictional Character
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When I was younger, one of my favorite authors was Gordon Korman, with his funny and creative books populated by memorable characters. His books were the only ones that really made me laugh out loud while reading them, and sometimes just thinking about them would make me crack up (and got me strange looks from my friends). Occasionally I still get out his books and read them because they are just so much fun.

One of my favorite of Korman's characters is Artie, from No Coins Please. Artie is an intrepid eleven year old boy whose favorite hobby is making money. Concenened about her unconventional son, Artie's mother signs him up for a tour group for kids. But Artie just sees the road trip as another opportunity to make money, and along the way he manages to rope in the rest of the kids in his group in his money making schemes.

In New York Artie makes a killing selling "attack jelly," and in Colorado he makes a fortune by turning an abandoned pretzel factory into a disco. In Washington he sets up a gambling ring using a toy racetrack and while on a stopover in the country, Artie rents cows from the local farmer and then charges tourists to milk them. Meanwhile, the counselors are baffled as to how Artie keeps managing to escape their watch, though when the FBI goes after Artie they know they are in real trouble.

When reading this book, I had always wished I had a friend as interesting as Artie, though now I'm also thinking that I feel bad for his poor mother and that I'm glad he's not my kid.


lol! Getting cows and charging tourists to milk them!! That is a kid looking for a profit and a great sales pitch. lol. These sound like great books! And LOTS of fun! Thanks for sharing these as they are new for me!

I'm not familiar with this book and I'm wishing I would have read this when I was younger. Artie sounds like a boy I would have loved to known when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing this one.

You guys should definitely get Gordan Korman's books for your kids when they are old enough. They are great books, at least up until Son of the Mob, then they kind of go downhill. Korman's first book was actually written when he was in highschool. It's the first in a series about a couple of boys in a boarding school. Great stuff. He has books for both preteen and YA. Even now I still enjoy reading them.

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