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The Apex Book of World SF: An eclectic assortment of science fiction, fantasy and horror

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The Apex Book of World SF is an eclectic assortment of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, collected by Lavie Tidhar from authors across the globe. Some of the out-of-the- way places where these stories originated include Malaysia, China, The Philippines and Croatia. Though the stories in the collection run the gamut from science fiction to horror to surrealism, Tidhar definitely shows his affection for the weird.

The writers of this collection, though writing primarily in English, come from different backgrounds, and this creeps into their style and the individual voices in which they write The unique nature of this collection is found most exquisitely in the story, The Kite of the Stars, by Dean Francis Alfar, from the Philippians. In this gem, Alfar uses his unique voice to profound effect as he weaves a wild dream and a jumble of ideas and facts into an amazing unforgettable journey.

Maria Isabella decides to catch the eye of an astronomer - But the butcher's boy sadly informs her, "He only has eyes for the stars." And so Maria devises a wild plan; She will sail to the stars in a kite to catch his eye! She meets with the world’s greatest artisan and he draws up a fantastic list of impossible items necessary to create a design found only in dreams. Maria then sets out on a great journey, accompanied by the faithful butcher's boy, to collect the list of items

"It may take a lifetime to gather everything, " the artisan warns her.

"A lifetime is all I have," Maria Isabella replies.
It took almost sixty years.
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I haven't read very much science fiction (if any) by foreign authors. This sounds like a great way to be exposed to new authors.

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