Thursday, September 13, 2012

My own BBAW post in honor of one particular blogger

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So today is the fourth day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week and unfortunately I just haven't had the time to participate as much as I wanted to. Next week is the Jewish New Years (aka Rosh Hashana) and I've been busy shopping and  cooking like crazy (Jewish holidays involve a lot of eating) as well as working, which hasn't left much time for anything else.

But since this is Blogger Appreciation Week I want to take the opportunity to appreciate one particular blogger (though there are a whole bunch of you that are pretty darn awesome!) who decided, over the weekend, to close up shop and go off the grid. 

Misfits Salon has been one of my favorite blogs, from my early days of blogging and Stephanie, one of my favorite bloggers. Stephanie's intelligent and insightful reviews led me to discover many wonderful new books and her delicious sounding book recipes had me craving foods that I had never even heard of before. 

I also enjoyed putting together my first (and only) writing contest with Stephanie. It was definitely an interesting experience. And Stephanie and I actually spoke on the phone together, which is as personal as I've ever gotten with another blogger (especially since I hate talking on the phone), so that was pretty cool.

I don't know why Stephanie decided to delete her blog and all of her accounts but I just hope that it's because something wonderful happened that will require all of her time and concentration (perhaps a book-loving foreign prince swept her away or she was needed for a secret CIA mission) but she will definitely be missed in the book blogging community.

Goodbye Stephanie and good luck!


Oh no! How did I miss her blog isn't on my list anymore? Really? She is gone. That is sad! I always go down through my list and she is one of my top visits, and until you said that I didn't realize I had lost her link. Oh no! I do hope she is wonderful and all is good for her.

I was very sad when I got that email from her the other day. By the time I got home to respond to it, she had already closed that email account. I'm going to miss her.

Same as with Ryan, when I tried to respond to her email it was already gone :(

I too also tried to e-mail her. I miss her so much already! I also hope it is nothing but great things happening!!

I had tried emailing Stephanie as well, almost right after I received the email, but it bounced back. I just hope that everything is OK with her.

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