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Fantasy Vs. Urban and Patrick Rothufss's new show

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I just finished watching the first episode of The Storyboard, Patrick Rothfuss's new Youtube program on the Geek and Sundry channel.

The topic for the show was "Urban Fantasy: Threat or Menace?" which I thought was an interesting choice since Rothfuss doesn't actually write urban fantasy books. But he did have on the show Jim Butcher (who was not at all like how I imagined him) Emma Bull and Diana Rowland, to discuss the topic with.

I enjoyed listening to the four authors talk with each other about different topics related to urban fantasy, such as what's involved in the world building and how it's different than writing a regular fantasy. I've never gotten to attend a fantasy convention before but I imagine that this what the discussion panels there are like. They even answer questions from viewers.

One topic that they discussed, which I thought was particularly interesting, was the different expectations that readers have of urban fantasy vs. regular fantasy when it comes to sex.

Pat says that he got a lot of slack for the fact that there is some sex in his newest book (which he finds puzzling because he feels that people should be more disturbed by all the violence) while Jim Butcher says his readers complain that there isn't enough sex in his books. Emma Bull also chimes in about getting  unhappy letters from readers when they don't feel that one of her books is steamy enough.

I have to say that I actually really like it that most fantasy books are pretty tame when it comes to romance and romantic relationships. And readeres that want more have the option of turning to Urban fantasy and Paranormal Romance (two genres that I don't read that often because I don't particularly enjoy all the sex and the way they portray relationships)

I admit, though, that it does seem kind of strange that it's seen as distasteful for fantasy books to have too much adult content but at the same time no one has a problem with the increase in violence and swearing. I have to agree with Patrick on this one, that it does seem odd.

What do you think?

Enjoy the video!


Yes, that does seem contradictory or nonsensical. Who is doing the complaining, first of all? Can this be split along gender lines? Such as, men complaining that there's too much romance (I'm being stereotypical here) or sex?

Same here, I do not want sex or that much romance in my fantasy books. Sure they can like someone, want someone and then marry someone. I just do not want that to be the story of the book. I want violence and adventure

This is totally cool! Love that they are doing this. But with the sex thing. I like my fantasy to be about the world and story, and not much sex. But I would like some UF with less sex as well. It seems that is the selling point in books. Shame really.

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