Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Youtube Awesomeness from Felicia Day

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I've never spent much time on Youtube but it looks like that is going to change because I just came across a video that is pure awesome, and which is part of Felicia Day's Youtube channel (which I also just discovered), Geek & Sundry.

This video is the first of a series in which kids tell stories which are then made into short movies by professional filmmakers, often with hilarious results.

I absolutely love this idea, which really encourages children to use their imaginations and create original stories, after which they can see them brought to life. This is also a really interesting look at how children perceive the world; which details they find important enough to focus on, and which are given barely a mention.

Scary Smash by Gerald

The second story, Goth Boy, is told by 8 year-old Cici, and you can find that video here

But this is not the full extent of the wonders that Geek & Sundry has offer. Patrick Rothfuss recently announced on his blog that he will also be doing a show for Geek & Sundry in which he will be talking about books and storytelling with other people in the biz, kind of like a panel at a convention (which I have never been to, but I've heard are really fun).

And since we are talking about Patrick Rothfuss, if you are a fan then you'll enjoy this video of him and John Scalzi performing a skit based on Scalzi's new book Redshirts.

With all of this awesomeness going on online there is a real danger that I might never get off of the computer.


I watch Sword & Laser on Geek & Sundry. It is a book program presented by two of my favourite presenters from CNET's Buzz Out Loud tech podcast. They also have a group on Goodreads.

Esther, I only just heard about this Sword & Laser program but I've been intending to check it out.

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