Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Library Cracks down on 5 year-old Patron

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This has got to be one of craziest news items that I've come across in a long while.

Apparently the Charlton Public Library sent a police office to collect overdue books from a five year-old girl. The girl's mother said her daughter was so frightened that she burst into tears, afraid that she was going to be arrested.

    But state law does outline a misdemeanor for such things, and police thought a friendly reminder might make a better impression and get better results than a cold summons to court.

Way to go Charlton Library for putting the fear of libraries into young hearts. If I were that kid I would probably be terrified to take out another library book again.

You can read the article here


I would sure be too scared to visit a library if that has happened to me

That's insane! Couldn't they have sent a librarian if they HAD to send somebody? I wouldn't step foot in a library again if that happened to me.

sounds to me like maybe the police officer they sent didn't deal with that quite like the should have. poor little girl. . .

This so reminds me of that Seinfeld episode! Must have been a slow day for the police department...

I worked in a library within a community centre and even though we didn't have fines it took us a long time to convince the community centre manager that sending reminders to people with books more than 6 months overdue wouldn't be intimidating or discourage visits to the library!

Esther: I think it would have been fine if a library employee or representative had gone but sending a police officer to deal with a 5 yr old girl was overdoing it, and apparently it scared the heck out of her.

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